250 years of history! Welcome to THE OLDEST STORE IN MILAN

By Rossana Beccari
Photos by Andrea Cerchi
Since its foundation in 1768, GUENZATI has been dealing with the retail sale of fabrics for clothing and linen and household linen, distinguishing itself for the originality and quality of the products offered, gaining popularity on the sophisticated Milanese square.It survives the Habsburg and Napoleonic domination, overcomes the two world conflicts, arrives at the end of the sixties and, with a gradual change of commercial image, becomes the only point of reference for customers who love “British style”.
Crossing the threshold of GUENZATI is a journey back in time: we forget the traffic .. it will seem that we have arrived there in a carriage or buggy … as when the Milanese went to the shops for their purchases, a stone’s throw from the Duomo.
Inside you can still admire the period furniture dating back to the first half of the 19th century, consisting of counters, shelves and desks made with fine national walnut and in perfect Biedermaier style with simple and functional lines.
The welcome is kind and informal, you can really breathe a ‘scent’ of the past,
rigorously ‘Anglo-Saxon’ like the whole assortment which, in addition to a wide choice of tweet and Scottish fabrics offers a vast selection of hats, waistcoats, ties, knitwear, various objects … and the ‘kilts’ cannot be missing.
AWARDED in November 2019 with the certificate of HISTORICAL WORKSHOP and on 7 December 2019 it obtained the coveted AMBROGINO D’ORO awarded every year to the personalities or companies that made Milan great.
GUENZATI is located in via Agnello 8, a few steps from the Duomo


Opening Hours:

​Mon: 15:00 – 19:15

​Tue-Fri: 10:00 – 13:15 / 15:00 – 19:15

Sat: 10:30 – 13:30/ 14:30 – 19:00

Sun: 11:00 – 19:00

Milan. Found Leonardo’s original signature !

On a notary document dated June 8, 1496 , has been found an original signature by a Legend: Leonardo da Vinci.
Now you can see that precious page in an extraordinary exhibit at The State Archive of Milan  Archivio di Stato di Milano, that dedicates a rich exhibition to Leonardo, based on some of his rarest documents, relating to his great works.
The show is accompanied by an engaging multimedia exhibition that will take you to a magical room where the passage of time is represented in a cycle that develops from dawn to night; from birth to Leonardo’s death of Leonardo.
This is the end of an amazing journey through 4 rooms respectively dedicated to:
Leonardo and Milan, The Virgin of the Rocks and the Last Supper, Leonardo and the other works and finally Leonardo’s Signature, taking place at the height of an almost dreamlike, immersive  narration: the spectator is at the center of a loggia delimited by large arches and closed by curtains moved by the wind.
The exhibition is based on extensive research conducted in the Milan State Archive and presents a selection of more than 50 documents, among which some unpublished works of great interest that span a time span of almost six centuries. Transcribed and acquired in high definition, the documents will be linked to the most significant images of the works of the Florentine GeniusTill March 28, 2020
Free admission.
Visits by reservation only
Monday to Thursday: 10.00-18.00
Friday: 10.00-14.00
Visit without reservation
Friday: 14.00-19.00
Saturday: 10.00-19.00
Free tickets booking:  as-mi.comunicazione@beniculturali.it




Travel, food & lifestyle.
Milanese di nascita, vive tra New York, Milano e il resto del mondo. Viaggia su e giù per l’America e si concede evasioni in Italia e in Europa.
Per WEEKEND PREMIUM fotografa e racconta città, culture, stili di vita e scopre delizie gastronomiche sia tradizionali che innovative.
Incontra e intervista top chefs di tutto il mondo, ‘ruba’ le loro ricette e vi racconta il tutto qui, in stile ‘turista non turista’.


WELCOME TO THE SAVINI MILANO 1867. A legendary institution for over 150 years

Text and photos by Rossana BeccariGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II was inaugurated on December 31, 1877
As a matter of fact,  the  so called ‘Salotto di Milano’ was already completed in 1867, when the covered passage was completed and so under a transparent roof, among stuccos, mosaics and elegant decorations, the Gallery comes to life with its shops, bars, restaurants and the prestigious headquarters of the Ricordi music publisher.
Once upon a time there was Caffè Gnocchi, then it changed its banner and became the elegant Stocker Brewery until in 1885 the space was purchased by Virginio Savini:
who transformed the venue into a posh living room enriched by beautiful crystal chandeliers, cutlery, table mats, silver food warmers and tailcoat waiters. The success spanned the golden season of the Belle Epoque and the fabulous 1950s.
Savini has always kept its aura of exclusive place but it is also an interesting archive of memories, stories of characters, curiosities of city life … and why not? … a little
of ‘gossip’: like the iconic ‘table 7’ on the first floor, in the most romantic corner with large windows overlooking the Gallery,
Why iconic? Because that spot was reserved only for the ‘Divine Soprano Maria Callas’ often escorted by Luchino Visconti, Franco Zeffirelli … and of course Mr.Onassis.
A cocktail is dedicated to her, her favorite, based on bitter herbs, still on the list and could only be called “DIVINA”.
Savini has always been the favorite venue for world-famous singers and composers.
Regular guests were Verdi, Puccini, Toscanini, Eleonora Duse and D’Annunzio At the beginning of the twentieth century,
Savini became a place for Milanese intellectuals, writers and artists: from these tables Filippo Tommaso Marinetti founded and became the leader the group known as ‘The Futurist” followed by legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Ava Gardner, Henry Ford, Hemingway and the iconic grand entrance of Liza Minnelli, who’s limo was allowed to drive into the Galleria and stop right in front of the restaurant entrance! That ‘s a star!
Today the Savini Milano 1867 sign is part of Milan’s historic shops and Italy’s historic venues
1° Piano / 1° Floor

Via Ugo Foscolo, 5
Corner of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Opening Hours
From 12.00 to 2.30pm
and from 7.00pm to 10.30pm.
Closed for lunch on Saturdays and on Sunday
Tel +39 02 72 00 34 33

THE GREAT RAPHAEL ! Visiting Milan? Do not miss RAFFAELLO 2020, an amazing immersive exhibit dedicated to the great Urbino painter.

E DOPO CAROSELLO TUTTI A NANNA! After CAROSELLO everybody goes to sleep!

After CAROSELLO…kids go to bed !
That was the slogan that ran in families as a motivation to send kids to bed after the 20 minutes of fun and entertainment that the TV show CAROSELLO punctually aired every night after dinner. I remember, even if I was really young, the black-and-white commercials, everytime different unlike the today s ones that keep repeating same images and slogans.
At the magnificent Villa  Fondazione Magnani Rocca in Mamiano di Traversetolo near Parma, the CAROSELLO exhibition tells the story of the iconic transmission born in 1957, when the strictly black and white spots had truly remarkable directors, writers, singers along a bounch of great actors such as the comedians Carlo Campanini,Macario, Gino Bramieri, Raimondo Vianello and his wife Sandra Mondaini and directors of the caliber of Lucio Fulci and the Taviani Brothers. Lights costumes and sets were carefully curated by the best In the showbiz. The exhibition is really a hoot both for those who remember the show and for the younger ones who have never seen it, and who can thus enjoy the taste and the trends of the 60s and 70s and maybe compare those spots with the more frenetic today tv rythm  euroticly assemblyied, super fastly edited. In addition to the videos, there is a rich collection of memorabia as objects, dolls, inflatables, plastic objects, postcards of the protagonists of the carousels including Carmencita, Susanna tutta Panna, Mucca Carolina and Calimero.and then again posters are original brackets, even the iconic drink Rabarbaro Zucca that, believe it or not, my great great father invented!
Some of those aperitifs and digestives are no longer produced…  but  thanks to the careful research of the exhibit curators , they are back to life , at list on the wall. I was impressed of the great number of original market sketches and rafts used for the realization of cartoons. Let CAROSELLO take you back to the legendary first TV years and enjoy this funny era of great advertisement.
The exhibit will last till Dec 8th 2019
Don’t miss it!
CAROSELLO. Pubblicità e Televisione 1957-1977
Fondazione Magnani Rocca,
via Fondazione Magnani-Rocca 4,Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma).

THE ‘CYCLISTS BY CHANCE’ CELEBRATING WITH… PROSECCO at Bottega Spa, Villa Rosina, Bibano di Godega (TV), Tuesday 30 July, 6 pm

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.11.59.pngItaly, the National Association Donne del Vino, established in 1988, aims to promote the knowledge and culture of wine, through the contribution of experiences and knowledge of women engaged in different but complementary sectors. Women who have a professional experience linked to the world of wine are admitted to the association, therefore: producers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, winemakers, journalists, bloggers, communication and marketing managers of wineries.
Linda Ronzoni and Silvia Gottardi are two great women passionate about two wheels who call themselves the “CICLISTE PER CASO”, make a stop at the Bottega headquarters in Bibano di Godega, during the long bicycle ride that is taking them from Bari to Milan.In Italy Linda and Silvia have already traveled the Milan-Catania route in 2016, while this year they decided to ride from Bari to Milan, to complete an ideal “Tour of Italy on the trail of Alfonsina Strada”, in homage to the one woman who participated in the Giro d’Italia for men in 1924.
The two cyclists, not just by chance, have some well-known companies on two wheels: Milan-London, the legendary Carretera Austral, between Chile and Argentina in the far south of the Latin American continent, the Grizzly tour, 4,000 km long the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico.
The arrival is scheduled at around 17.30 at the Bottega headquarters, where they will be welcomed by Monica Lisetto and a representation of the Women of Wine, headed by Alessandra Boscaini, regional delegate of Veneto. A visit of the Bottega structure will end with a toast based on Prosecco Docg, to anticipate the next stage that will lead the two cyclists to Feltre, crossing the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, recently included in the Unesco World Heritage list.




From NY to Italy. Life is a marathon for Pier…and the others.

Crazy, dreamers, revolutionaries. ‘Donne’ are the women of Milton Fernandez


Milton Fernàndez, writer, poet, director, editor who since 2011 is also artistic director of the Milan Literature Festival, has collected them in his volume Donne. Crazy, dreamers, revolutionaries published by Rayuela Edizioni.

I had the pleasure to attend to the book presentation at the sumptuous Sala Della Musica, located at second floor of the magnificent Ca’ Sagredo in Venice.

                                                               The author ranges from 17th century France to Mexico in 1910, from the mid-nineteenth-century slave-making America to Argentina in 1977, in an attempt to understand the many ways in which men have written and determined the history of women over time.
The stories are short and very intense, the lives of the protagonists are all real, those of women who silently or publicly have marked the history of all.
There is Clara de la Rocha, colonel and Mexican revolutionary; Martine De Bertereau pioneer of French mineralogy; Sojourner Truth, the first black woman in history to bring a white man to court and win the case;                                                                ; Azucena Villaflor, one of the Argentinean mothers of the Plaza de Mayo; Lilly Parr, English champion of a sport that has always been the exclusive preserve of men; Rose Mapendo, founder of Mapendo International, an organization that helps refugees from African wars and bring together broken families.
Fernàndez is a man who with deep respect seeks to enter the mystery of women, with eyes and pen full of amazement at what they have endured and overcome.
There is so much gratitude in these stories, as if the book were a way of thanking them for the moral and intellectual lesson they gave the world.
But there is also a lot of bitterness and pain; the stories of yesterday resemble tremendously those of today and the parable has not ended:




The Sabines are kidnapped by Romans led by Romulus, as they are necessary for the birth of a nation.
Innocent women assaulted, molested, victims.

I found astonishing example in the Ca’ Rezzonico Gallery, Venice , in the glorious painting Susanna and the elders by Stefano Ricci, where a young girl Susanna  molested and blackmailed by two older liars.
 In another room I found Felice Ficherelli’s painting picturing the horrible story of Lucretia, legendary heroine of ancient Rome  .Her tragedy began when she was raped by Sextus Tarquinius, son the king of Rome. After exacting an oath of vengeance against the Tarquins from her father and her husband, she stabbed herself to death.What Boko Haram has done, recently in Nigeria, with the kidnapping of 20 girls. News that has been held for a few days on the Western news, but then take refuge among the inevitable facts of existence.
Rummaging in the memory we will always find an important woman, like my grandmother, strong temper, 14 boys to grow up, says Fernandez, who cites the movie Sliding Doors, where the fate of the protagonist could suddenly change and what could she become?

Dancers/Choreographers Pina Bausch and Isadora Duncan also appear in the book, as the first women who had the courage to stage dance as a form of freedom. The author underlines the importance of dance in his life, as a maestro d’ami , he was a master of weapons, like a choreographer of swords.Leonardo Da Vinci, continues Fernandez, described life as a series of moving figures and even the tragic final act of Shakespears Hamlet where all the characters die should be an example of a choreographed moment’.

Thirty-four stories of women who, through the ages and countries of the world, together tell the feminine condition in a complete historical vision.
Milton Fernande Women. Crazy, dreamers, revolutionaries.

Rayuela Editions



When the art of restoration shines up the beauty of the art

The Sale delle Arti located in the magnificent Reggia di Venaria in Turin, Italy, is hosting the exhibition LA FRAGILITA’ DELLA BELLEZZA (The fragility of beauty) that covers almost 40 centuries with  212 restored masterpieces including Titian, Van Dyck, Morandi, Burri and Twombly.

The exhibition itinerary is organized according to a chronological / thematic logic that focuses on the fragility of our heritage.and ends significantly with a room dedicated to works damaged by the earthquake.



You will be able to see the frescoes of the Tomb of Henib, from the Egyptian Museum of Turin; the precious Head of Basel, from the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria; the Portrait of Caterina Balbi Durazzo
by Anton Van Dyck, from the Royal Palace of Genoa,  St. Jerome of Tiziano, from the Pinacoteca di Brera, to 17th century painted Harpsichord, from the National Musical Instruments Museum. Rome.

Several informative meetings on the restoration and a series of educational workshops will be organized by the Educational Services of La Venaria Reale and the Conservation and Restoration Center.




Sale delle Arti, Reggia di Venaria, Turin.
rom March 28th till September 16th, 2018

To know more about this majestic exhibit click here









Palazzo Reale, Milan.
Locals and visitors are patiently queuing for  “Dentro Caravaggio (Inside Caravaggio) a splendid exhibit featuring 18 masterworks by Caravaggio.


The show is rendered unique not only because it will present to the public works from the leading Italian museums and equally important museums abroad, but also by the fact that Caravaggio’s canvases will be flanked by their respective X-radiographic images The exhibition reveals, from a new and previously unexplored perspective, the years of Caravaggio’s extraordinary artistic work through two new approaches to reading: diagnostic research and new documentary research..
Tthe audience will be able to discover through the innovative use of multimedia equipment the artist’s path from his initial thought to the final completion of the work. Through infrared reflectography and x-rays that can penetrate through different layers below the surface of the painting, it is now possible to follow the creative process of Caravaggio, his “second thoughts”, refinements, and adjustments in creating the final composition.

A classic example would be the San Giovannino of Palazzo Corsini, which allows us to see the addition of a lamb, which was subsequently removed.
‘Inside Caravaggio’ will allow the incomparable creative path of Caravaggio to be revealed to the general public and it will also be a great opportunity for scholars to perform in-depth analyses. This fascinating journey will enable visitors to follow and discover, through the innovative use of multimedia technologies, the artist’s creative process, from the initial idea to the finished work, giving them the ability to understand not only the process of realization, but also to deep inside the mind of his genius.



To conclude your journey a great gift shop, where you will find the best souvenirs. From calendars to earrings, to bags to books.

‘DENTRO CARAVAGGIO’ at Palazzo Reale in Milan till february 4th.
LINK TO info



Summary of FASHION and LIFESTYLE articles by Cesare Zucca

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  1. The new exhibition organized by The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum is supposed to be a tribute the punk’s impact on high fashion from the movement’s birth in the 1970s ( that ‘s the chaos) through its continuing influence today ( mais oui, la couture, naturellement !) Adventure yourself in a dark itinerary featuring approximately 100 designs for men and women. Few original punk garments from the mid-1970s are juxtaposed with recent, directional fashion to illustrate how haute couture and ready-to-wear have borrowed punk’s visual symbols, with paillettes being replaced with safety pins, feathers with razor blades, and bugle beads with studs.
    Focusing on the relationship between the punk concept of ‘do-it-yourself’ and the couture concept of ‘made-to-measure,’ the exhibition focuses on materials, techniques, and embellishments associated with the anti-establishment style. Presented as an immersive multimedia, multisensory experience, the clothes are animated with period music videos and soundscaping audio techniques. A great jump in a chaotic sea full of creativity and disrespect. Maybe a little bit “too couture”, since the chaos is somehow leaving more space to top designer’s creations

The Museo del Tessuto hosting the exhibit  ‘Capriccio e Ragione’
Here you will find a luxurious display of embroideries, silks, brocades, and lampasses from 1600, when new nations were discovered and new costumes  images and stories were imported to Europe. Porcelains, paintings of landscapes, and the new profession of the fabric painter  starting from the vagary of remembering antique historical ruins to portraits either official or private.
France launched and updated this elaborate fashion, stating different styles, from bizarre to dentelle, to the beautiful drawings of Jean Revel, a major figure in Lyonnaise silk from the 18th century and a pioneer of the French style, who carried his innovative style beyond the courts of Versailles and Paris.
The exhibit will be on till April 29th 2018.


Milan, Men collections 2017. The launch of capsule collection REMIX party by Emporio Armani at the exclusive Excelsior store in Milan, was the hit of Sunday events during the Men collection for 2017.

The King and I


lesbo-look-1-web lesbo-look-2-web

Milan Fashion Week 2016 THE BEST AND THE WORST

Best location: MALIPARMI Chiostro del 1400 Via Cappuccio7
Worst fashion victims: Lui quadretta e Lei si butta sul pois. 6

Best bouncer: da PIAZZA SEMPIONE, quasi un Matt Dillon 18 anni.Worst look for men: Pantaloni corti e rigati, ma per favore…Worst Donna Summer impersonation:a guest at Rosella Jardini 2Best Jungle location: PIAZZA PIEMONTE Best look in the street : A Shade inspired Madame 5


Michelle Obama






ACADEMIA is born, a new line of sneakers created by the desire of D.A.T.E. 
to exalt the classic aesthetics and the tradition of Made in Italy. 
It will be presented at an exclusive preview during the upcoming edition of WHITE SHOW, the international contemporary fashion show in Milan.
Inspired by the rigor and refinement of the Historical Academies, 
the collection is characterized by a demanding and no frills, declaring the poetics of purity.

GetFileAttachment.jpgThis is just one of the most completely Made in Italy designs –
from inspiration to design, from leather to realization – studied scrupulously in all the details and declined in versions for him and her. First, this name with which the model was baptized is a low sneaker,
with a clean and elegant taste.
The white rubber sole is a hybrid between a cassette-like construction and a refined running.

Looking for glossy and glamorous sneakers ?

D.A.T.E. new collection was inspired by Byzantine art and Klimt’s works, and have created minimal-casual footwear, coated with refined materials and decorations. Like an imaginary trip, departing from Ravenna and Venice to Istanbul, and coming to Vienna, has influenced the choice of exclusive skins to add some light and a touch of glamor to every woman’s look!
 decorated with a strap band decorated with crystals, and changeable depending on the mood.Those metallic reflections and glitterish powder give amazing lunar effects.


Fabrics vagary at the Museo del Tessuto, 1700 amazing embroidery, biscuits dated 1858, how to became a crewelwork artist and more…

At the top of my list
The Museo del Tessuto hosting the exhibit Il Capriccio e La Ragione ,

me, having a great time at at the exhibit

Here you will find a luxurious display of embroideries, silks, brocades, and lampasses from 1600, when new nations were discovered and new costumes  images and stories were imported to Europe.

Porcelains, paintings of landscapes, and the new profession of the fabric painter  starting from the vagary of remembering antique historical ruins to portraits either official or private.

France launched and updated this elaborate fashion, stating different styles, from bizarre to dentelle, to the beautiful drawings of Jean Revel, a major figure in Lyonnaise silk from the 18th century and a pioneer of the French style, who carried his innovative style beyond the courts of Versailles and Paris.

In the center: the exhibit curator Daniela Degl’Innocenti

The exhibit will be on till April 29th 2018.
Plan your visit to Prato because …here 6 more reasons to visit this Tuscany jewel.

Palazzo Pretorio  Austere and imposing this impressive palace has dominated Prato’s Piazza del Comune for more than eight hundred years acting as a silent witness to the political, civil and military history of the city.
The Duomo with its spectacular pulpit by Donatello