FANS, FANS, FANS… Where? In Venice! Wherelse?

Thanks to the passion for antiques and collecting of the Beggiato family, owners of the Hotel Metropole in Venice, and the precious association with the Palazzo Mocenigo Museum we may witness beauty and history in a unique exhibit showcasing some amazing fans from the Beggiato’s collection www.hotelmetropole.comfan3Hand painted, lace, silk, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl… but also eclectic with ostrich feathers, this is without doubt one the most impressive collection in the world.
Made mainly in France, England and Italy, fans became popular in Europe between the 17th and 18th centuries.
Considered for the most part as aristocratic and artistic objects with images painted both on the surface and the mounts, for a long time they represented indispensable accessories for upper class ladies who used the fan as a way of proclaiming their status and femininity.
At Palazzo Mocenigo from 7th June to 14th September 2014
fan mez

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