From beer to purifying masks, passing through delicious recipes, decorations and even musical instruments, the pumpkin is considered the queen of autumn for its sweetness and versatility. All the parts are used: peel, pulp, seeds, elements to be used not only in the kitchen.

Pumpkin pulp can be used to soothe skin inflammations, while the peel can be used for minor burns. Also rich in fiber and antioxidants, it is an excellent ally of the diet and is a friend of our skin. Finally, the seeds, which help to prevent cystitis, because they contain cucurbitin, a substance that contributes to hindering pathologies of the male and female urinary tract.

me getting a pumpkin facial at Aqualux Spa. in Bardolino, Italy

Drink a pumpkin tea to better face the change of season. It is rich in vitamins E and F, mineral salts, proteins and carbohydrates. If we add lemon and carrot to our drink it becomes even more effective .. How to prepare latisana? S Boil the pulp, boil and crush the seeds and then cook again. Filter, add the pulp and blend. Add the lemon juice and the chopped carrots. Boil for 10 minutes! your herbal tea is ready!

…e poi la zucca fa bene alla pelle e allo spirito…


Hotel Resort Spa AQUALUX in Bardolino, Garda Lake , Italy

Bardolino, Lake Garda.
For a facial, BIO – Spa di Aqualux has opted for the queen of winter vegetables, rigorously selected among those coming from farms that do not use fertilizers or pesticides.

iIn the Spa of Aqualux in Bardolino, the pumpkin is the protagonist of an exclusive sustainable wellness treatment, a real energy booster!, suitable for skin care, rich in carotenes, pro-vitamin A and various minerals, including phosphorus, iron

The vegetable sponge is obtained from the pumpkin and is used to clean the dishes and in the shower. Beauty products are quick and easy to prepare, sustainable, economical and good for you, as pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc. You can make a mask with pumpkin pulp and aloe for the face, the effect will be that of a light natural lifting or a scrub with pumpkin and brown sugar, which will make the skin of the body softer and smoother or even a pack to revitalize icapell icon cooked pumpkin, coconut oil and lemon juice

After removing the mask, a delicate and relaxing massage will help to enhance the tone, firmness and brightness of the face. Finally, a warm infusion of red apple and cinnamon, particularly useful at an energizing and stimulating level. The facial treatment lasts about 50 minutes and costs 70 Euros.



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