Il teatro di Paolo Poli

Milan, On the sixtieth anniversary of his debut. Teatro Gerolamo host the exhibit Il teatro di Paolo Poli (the documents of the Giorgio Cini Foundation from the artist’s personal archive) shows images and materials from the personal archive of the great actor,
Curated by Maria Ida Biggi and composed of original documents from the artist’s archive, the exhibition resumes and enriches the initiative carried out in Venice after the donation and was born from an idea of ​​Roberto Bianchin, consultant and former artistic director del Gerolamo at the time of its reopening, in 2016, after 33 years of closure. Milan.

The exhibit hosts clips of Poli’s shows, rare original and unpublished photographs, autographed letters, telegrams form theater celebrities, postcards, playbills, programs and room booklets, scripts and director’s notes, scores of the music he personally selected, press review articles and various study materials. and work, as well as beautiful sketches for the amazing costumes and props created by the set designer and costume designer Santuzza Calì.

Actrice Lucia Poli, Paolo’s sister, introduced the Exhibit then performed on stage withher “solo” show “Walking around with my authors” .
She spoke about her friendship with brother Paolo and how deeply the theater influenced her life form the child till now .

Poli was one of the first ever actor en travesti, and one of the first openly homosexual public figures. playing on stage celebrated woman like an irreverent version Santa Rita da Cascia,
I asked Lucia what was her very first reaction , when saw her bother wearing woman clothes…”Not a big deal, she answered, . I remember that Paolo, me and my 2 sisters, used to drees up with Aunt dresses and play drama, comedy or music… was fun and kind of normal.

Lucia’s theatrical carrier never stopped, on stage with her bother or alone.
About choosing her repertoire Lucia says “In my journey I stumbled upon words and I was enchanted. Because words and literature have always been my first source of inspiration, the oldest love. And it happened that the favorite authors decided for me the stages, the directions and often the contents of my theatrical adventure.

November 6-22, 2021 at the Teatro Gerolamo, Milan

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