Italy, Ciociaria Territory, near Rome . Cabernet Sauvignon has been grown, since 1860

For generations, the Ciociaria companies have been producing sheep and goat cheeses, grazing animals, farm animal rennet. Among the most delicious are Caciofiore, Pecorino di Picinisco, Conciato di San Vittore, the Marzolina slow food presidium.

To pair a “pecorinoso” dish, nothing better than a glass of the vigorous cabernet produced by Masseria Barone, in the heart of Ciociaria, both the gold Atina “Ricucc” and the Riserva “Marcon”, with their hand-painted label, are perfect companions. journey of Lazio dairy excellence.
The cabernet of Masseria Barone, dated 1800 and inhabited by the famous Baron Brancalasso. How much history and how many traditions in the Ciociara food and wine …

Cabernet Sauvignon has been grown, since 1860, on the sunny hills that frame the historic center of Atina. After careful harvesting and manual selection of the best grapes, an accurate vinification follows from which this elegant and powerful wine is obtained.

A patient aging in French oak barrels allows the development of a complex and intense aroma. Brilliant red with intense garnet reflections. The taste shows sweet tannic notes in balance with a structured and persistent body.

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