By Cesare Zucca
Leandro Erlich, the contemporary artist who has brought excitement to record numbers of visitors everywhere on the planet, is finally coming to Palazzo Reale in Milan, for his first European exhibition. Argentine artist, born in Buenos Aires ,Erlich creates large installations with which the public relates and interacts, becoming the work of art itself.

The exhibition is promoted by the Comune of Milan-Cultura, is produced and organized by Palazzo Reale and Arthemisia, in collaboration with Studio Erlich, with the curatorship of Francesco Stocchi. His works are unique and represent an absolute novelty in the art world and combine creativity, vision, emotion and fun.

Buildings in which you can virtually climb, houses uprooted and suspended in the air, lifts that lead nowhere, escalators tangled as if they were threads of a ball of yarn, unsettling and surreal sculptures, videos that subvert normality.They are all elements that tell us something ordinary in an extra-ordinary context, where everything is different from what it seems, where the sense of reality and the perception of space are lost.

Leandro Herlich Over the threshold Palazzo Reale , Milan



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