Milan Fashion Week. The shortest interview: ROSSELLA JARDINI

dsc00247Milan Fashion Week September 2016 Women Collections
Location: the splendid Hotel De Milan, Via Manzoni
-The inspiration?
I’ d say the influence: The legendary 80′ fashion designer Giorgio Sant’Angelo, who was able to create romantic clothing that reflected the hippie culture of the era.
-Your collection is…
Chic, feminine, fun..and great model casting!
You love…
Turbans, cant’ you tell?
-Final statement?
I like to create clothes that I would enjoy wearing.
-May I have a selfie with you?
Sure, my old friend!rossella-jardinixwgsl zadhb uenmu n2f7k mw19r jymvg j0zle iyvyh ie9eb 9hkt4 8cznp 7maps 6dmdl



The launch of capsule collection REMIX party by Emporio Armani at the exclusive Excelsior store in Milan, was the hit of Sunday events during the Men collection for 2017.
Let my pics talk by themselves

a backpack to die for

a backpack to die for


the legendary Cedrata Tassoni


Roberta Armani


A yummy tribute to Milan cuisine , the risotto alla milanese


good example of remix: A Futuristic necklace meets vintage Courrèges optical glasses


A display of the ‪#‎EmporioArmaniRemix‬ men’s capsule collection where the urban spirit and active lifestyle meet the world of music. In collaboration with and Excelsior Milano





None of the lodel-looking waiters sported a beard A new trend?


the royal family

The King and I

The King and I


cute , cute , cute


a selfie with my friend from China


the party


Those ‘eagle fly ‘ eyebrows… and what about the zebra  top?  ‘Cmon guys …


two cool friends from Norwey


bear & hairdo. I am not so sure about this look. Feel free to comment.



the legendary eagles flies urban





I want those shoes…


Party photos  by Cesare Zucca © 2016

SILENT SHOES. Here 3 great ones!

Do you hate those noisy upstairs neighbors who walk like elephants?
What about those loud high heels?

Here 3 great, comfy and cozy… silent shoes

  The “furlane” shoe-slippers are a typical example of an item that embodies history, culture and tradition while also being projected towards the future.IMG_0979Their delicacy and uniqueness were also seen as a precious trait.
In Venice, Groups of Friulian women – proud country folk but also indefatigable sellers – came with their wicker baskets to sell their shoe-slippers around the alleys and squares of Venice. the Gondoliers found their rubber soles perfect for conserving the paintwork of their precious gondolas.


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.16.58

Today, a few yards from that majestic bridge, you can still find the traditional “Furlane” inspired by the eighteenth-century splendour of the Serenissima republic, embellished with velvet or bright oriental silks, all guaranteed hand-sewn.
The store is called Piedaterre  Address is S. Polo, 60 – Rialto,
Piedaterre will make them by hand.
Just call +39 041 5285513 M +39 348 5646548/5Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.36.19  Thanks to its rubber sole, here another very quiet one
This shoe was originally developed as a boating shoe. Soon became a casual footwear for men, women and children. Today the brand has more than 300 styles of footwear including boots, wedges, loafers and more
crocs ny
. All Crocs™ shoes feature Croslite™ material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant qualities that Crocs fans know and love.
Since its inception in 2002, Crocs has sold more than 300 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries around the world.

Finally  a true discovery: a very silent yet pretty sexy green sandal by Iconabio  Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.54.09And  an adorable kids shoe called Petit IconaBio petitAll liners and insoles are entirely made of cork, to stay cool, comfortable and in “contact” with nature. Another special feature of the collection is the selection of materials such as a special synthetic leather .Petit IconaBio  ballerinas and sandals is made in Italy,  The palette contains colors like lemon yellow, red earth, water blue, white.

Enjoy a quiet, silent walking…it will make you extremely relaxed
and it won’t bother the others!noooo



A rubber bracelet that looks like a bricklayer’s classic nail?

luca-cantamessa-768x102422 year old Italian
Luca Cantamessa
had a vision…

A bracelet that could be simple, accessible, trendy and available
in all the best clothing stores.CIOD visual cartella stampa copy

Then he created CiöDGetFileAttachment

the reinterpretation of a poor object which thanks to creativity turns into a 18 different colors luxury accessory.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.54.33 The nail is the symbol of work and this is why only prime quality materials are used and the entire production process is carried out in Italy, guaranteeing a prime quality finished product. From 22-28 Euros and, obviously, one size fits all. IMG_0367


Check in the streets of Milano, the trendy ones are wearing it.

.Luca, that’s cool , just wondering why he is not wearing his own CiöD?

Milan Fashion Week 2016 THE BEST AND THE WORST

Best location: MALIPARMI Chiostro del 1400 Via Cappuccio7
Worst fashion victims: Lui quadretta e Lei si butta sul pois. 6Best bouncer: da PIAZZA SEMPIONE, quasi un Matt Dillon 18 anni.9Worst look for men: Pantaloni corti e rigati, ma per favore…10

Best Hairdo: at Rossella JardinibellaWorst Donna Summer impersonation:a guest at Rosella Jardini 2Best Jungle location: PIAZZA PIEMONTE Collection8Worst man suit: No more mustard pleeeease4Best look in the street : A Shade inspired Madame 5Best backpack ever : Rossella Jardini Collection 3

ANTONELLI does EAST! From GOSSIP to Japan…

The iconic Gossip, the historic Castelfiorentino lingerie company that moved on to women’s shirts and three years ago changed its name to Antonelli Firenze, has just signed with L’Idea & Co, the Japanese group which from 2017 on will deal with the distribution of the Antonelli Firenze collection in Japan.Antonelli 2_0014Within this framework, the opening of a series of shop-in-shops is planned, including the inauguration of three in Tokyo. The Japanese debut comes just a few months after the agreement with the Korean group Parco International for the opening of at least seven Antonelli Firenze brand shop in shops over the next 5 years

Antonelli 1Firenze FW 16_17





The first opening in Korea is scheduled for September 2016 in the Coex Mall in Seoul, the largest financial and commercial district of the city.

A dress to remember…sold for $ 4.8 million.

May 1962 when the most powerful man in birthday party in the world,  a blonde and petite woman, took the stage to sing a special and sensual “Happy Birthday” to the US President John F. Kennedy,. Marylin was wrapped in a flesh-colored dress, decorated with 2 thousand and 500 hundred crystals. The dress went up for auction by Julien’s Auction in Beverly Hills, and has exceeded all expectations selling for $ 4.8 million. screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-18-03-51

The most ‘non boring’ Xmas tree… Get the app!

                   I saw it , I loved it … I got it and … all my family is playing now with it! The new smart lighting system that makes my Xmas tree so spectacular…
has a right name: Twinkly.screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-14-11-09
It is the evolution of the classic Christmas lights!.
A true innovation in how you light up your tree with endless possibilities
just right in your hand. screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-14-16-26

Draw & customize your own effects and control the lights
from the app…. and more of apps to come!

Here more info


“Wonder is the salt of the earth” said the Artist who said ‘No’ to Mick Jagger

Forty four years have gone by since Escher’s death,
still today his art doesn’t show any sign of dating, qq2ojwLpbkIQrVmVC7PZ2CAgKBS1WsyLePNPsE-JD-0,dUlbBdRyTun_9FaNQdj43jQk21iWT1oIyaoH23TNgRoHe turns geometric research and rigour into the purest visionary aesthetics,  combines a range of different languages into a new and intriguing itinerary that represents a one off in the history of art across all ages and continues to thrill the wider public.content
A  super exhibit of the one of a kind artist who used to say that “Wonder is the salt of the earth”, is greatly hosted by the Palazzo Reale in Milan till January 22th, 2017.IMG_1524
Escher may be credited with broadening the imagination of those who gaze at or have gazed at his works, where everything is connected: science,
nature, analytical rigour and a contemplative quality.66KWHd4PrCxNXuu2wD7XhFg60cfQUlWMi-jy5RAI9Dg-1
The ‘Escher like’ world today
Escher’s art left the confines of the studio and was transformed into gift boxes, postage stamps and greeting cards; it entered the world of comics and ended up on the LP sleeves of famous bands like Pink Floyd; and his impossible structures are used to allude to paradoxical situations or to astonish people with unrealizable constructions. Echoes of engravings (such as Relativity or House of Stairs) are to be found in the whirling stairs which lead Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons to get lost in an Escher like world.17_pink_floyd_on_the_run
Escheriansettings have been used in commercials like the one for Audi in 2007, based on the famous print Waterfall Hand with Reflecting Sphere Other World and Belvedere
were used by Illy Caffè for a 2006 advertising. A scene in the fantasy film
Labyrinth (1986), starring David Bowie and produced by George Lucas, is built around House of Stairs. Even the famous staircases at Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter saga, are a
dynamic transposition of this work, which also inspired one of the most striking scenes from Night at the Museum 3 and a Sky commercial.06QAmArvgyDFcev1Ftjm5Mno4-nUNJv0dR3BqA0W7Vo
And what about that rumor that Escher refused to work or have his work
used by Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones?
Absolutely true.
On January 1, 1969, Mick Jagger, a big Escher fan, wrote a letter asking the Artist to provide an image for the Stones’ second volume of greatest hits. Well…turns out Escher was NOT a Stones fan, apparently preferred Bach and… the English rock band
Mott the Hoople, which could use a colorized versionof “Reptiles”
on their self-titled debut album in 1969.
No photo except the designated areas, where games of illusions optical dreams and mirrored mirages, will definitely catch you. Impossible not to selfie…IMG_1536IMG_1532

Escher exhibit will hypnotize you with
the images an Artist who said
‘My work is a game, , a very serious game’IMG_1528
for more info


“ Il cibo è arte e l’arte è cibo per la mente e per l’anima”3.Murales
Food is art and art is food for your mind and soul.
This is the theme of the the benefit exhibition, curated by Artist Felice Limosani, and held at the Crociera dell’ Ospedale Vecchio, a venue dated 1200.

13 food-related excesses in a provocative and irreverent exhibits featuring artists from around the world.27042016-workinprogressospedalevecchio 044 At the Crociera dell’ Ospedale Vecchio Via D’Azeglio – Oltretorrente
Info at 057

Hidden Venice. Giuliana and Giovanna hidden shops.

Are you a one-of-a-kind hats and shoes lover?  Are you planning to go to Venice, Italy? Check Giuliana Longo‘s little store in S. Marco, Calle del Lovo 4813, Venice.  This shop is the dream hat-cupboard of any true sartorialist, with styles that range from handmade Montecristi panama to modern foldable hot-pink that is perfect for a demanding, chic traveler. The biggest request of all?  The bareteri, a wide-brimmed gondolier’s hat best worn with a rakish tilt, ideal when traveling to sunny places. Giuliana is there most days, polishing leather aviator hats or affixing bands and flowers to her latest creations.

Are you a shoemaniac?  Get ready for some amazing stuff! Discover the unique hand-made creations  shoes by Giovanna Zanella who sells her designs in a rainbow-hued shop near the Rialto. Her handmade creations range from dazzling to outrageous.  It takes a certain panache (and generous credit limit) to wear what looks like a pair of exploding fireworks or a cobra on your feet. Her not so easy to find bottega is located at 5641 Castello.

Rome: A night to remember

The gigantic Rome’s Night of Museums
is back on Saturday, May 21, 2016:
Museums and cultural spaces will open to the public at night and hosting many events including art shows, music, dance, theatre, cinema, readings, guided tourPaying the symbolic 1 euro ticket you can visit the museum with exhibitions hosted, and watch performances of music, theater and dance program.notte-musei-romaHere the museums involved:
For the program and a complete list of participating hotels:
Opening hours 8.00 pm to 2.00 am
Ph  +39 060608


elenty 2 b wThe Eleventy Men’s SS 2016 collection is inspired by the London Teddy Boys of the 1950s, who brought back the notion of dressing well always and everywhere, creating their own hallmark style inspired by that of the dandies of the Edwardian era.
Dark jackets, drainpipe pants, waistcoats and major focus on details, biker jackets in washed black nappa, with zips flaunted as crucial elements,
For the man who is always on the go, Eleventy proposes a range of suits, jackets and pants made from precious wools that have been specially treated to enhance their resistance to atmospheric agents and insulation, so that they become no-iron and are never creased.

MAGIC IN THE BOTTLE The amazing work of Eric Maillet revealing an undiscovered side of plastic bottles.

Photographer Eric Maillet author of superb images for legendary perfumes such as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Ives Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Hermes, not to mention the jewelry and the watches by Cartier. A genius…with a quite unique passion: plastic bottles!
Let me explain.
Spazio Eventi of the Pirelli Tower is hosting the amazing exhibit Water is Life,
that includes 25 artworks by Maillet. ATT00001
The Artist uses a common water bottle to create an abstract, unexpected, colored, and different image. IMG_8310Those sequence of circles, let your imagination fly towards cathedral mosaics, glass windows, extraterrestrial flowers, kaleidoscopical trompe l’œil and imaginary new planets.IMG_8308
I met with Maillet last night and I could not not ask about the story of those surreal creatures that were hypnotising the viewers.
With an adorable smile, Maillet revealed the secret. “They are just multi colored water bottles, I love to discover, collect, and fill them up with water, then I shoot from the top”

Eric Maillet

Eric Maillet

The exhibit Water is Life  is produced by Mario Rescio and André Werther, and curated by Lele Del Fabbro in collaboration with Regione Lombardia.IMG_8302        Till 18 January 2016 at Spazio Eventi of the Pirelli Tower in Milan.
Entrance Via Fabio Filzi 22. Monday to friday from 1.00 pm to 7.00 pm




The iconic FIAT 500 will be the primadonna of a not to be missed chat with Lapo Elkann, Enrico Leonardo Fagone, Roberto Giolito and Luca Napolitano in occasion of the launch of Fiat 500 – The design book published by Rizzoli.coverThis visually rich and fascinating book explains not only the genesis and “design metamorphosis” of each model, but also their backgrounds,
and explores the contributions of the designers who have helped to
develop them with innovation and foresight.PAG 32-33Let’s take a colorful ride on board of the most iconic Italian car, discovering the project, the lines and the evolution in a book that tells the design, style and the transformation into a modern city car. IMG_8269A visual history of the FIAT 500, the ultimate lifestyle car that has
remained a timeless classic and design legend. PAG 79
Considered to be one of the most popular models in automotive history, the FIAT 500
has become a legend over time.PAG 53
Its innovative features, the original and recognizable design of its bodywork, and its versatility have distinguished it as an automotive icon with enduring appeal. FIAT 500: IMG_8271The Design Book is an invitation to embark on a captivating journey
through the main milestones of the 500 project.

Wednesday December 16th 2015 at 6.30 pm at the Galleria Carla Sozzani