Are you looking for a top central location? Here where to stay while in Bologna

A New York impera il motto “location,  location, location” vale a dire che più si è in centro, più si vale… Trasferiamoci a Bologna e …niente da dire dell’ Hotel Orologio strategicamente situato nel cuore del cuore della città: Piazza Maggiore, una delle piazze medievali più belle del mondo.

Situato proprio di fronte all’antica torre dell’orologio del Municipio, da cui deriva il suo nome e che l’hotel onora, adornando le aree comuni e le camere da letto con orologi di ogni genere, grandi e piccoli, in bronzo e ceramica, smalto o legno.

In un mix di stili, l’atmosfera generale è calda e accogliente, quà e là troverete simpatici dettagli come coprisedili all’uncinetto, la sala breakfast (ricchissimo) in contrasto con i suntuosi lampadari e un piacevole salone con una combinazione di colori giallo intenso e un trio di divani.

Sculture occasionali, stampe storiche e altri oggetti artistici fanno un cenno al titolo di hotel d’arte, mentre sorprende la decorazione delle camere a tema, come la Suite Africa, impreziosita da oggetti esotici.

Questa proprietà fa parte della mini catena Art Hotel, specializzata nell’ offrire carattere e atmosfera del vecchio mondo ma anche della contemporeità in egual misura, con camere confortevoli e ben arredate in aggiunta alla passione per la qualità e all’incomparabile ospitalità emiliana.
Bologna , I love you!


A Bottega Lounge Bar was inaugurated in Tokyo on the terrace of the Anchor Gate Hotel on 11 June. The property is located in Ginza, one of the most exclusive districts of the Japanese metropolis, reserved for shopping and sales outlets of the most sought-after brands. The refined and elegant space was set up with the aim of giving maximum visibility to Bottega Gold, the Prosecco Doc with its unmistakable bottle with golden livery, which has become in the world the incomparable standard-bearer and the reference point of the Treviso winery. The lounge bar card features, along with a selection of Bottega wines, also the Lemon Spritz cocktail that combines Prosecco and Limoncino, in the sign of Made in Italy and the contamination between Veneto and Sicily. Ginza, synonymous with sober elegance, is an area rich in history that dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867), The company is based in Bibano di Godega (TV), 50 km north of Venice, and has two other production facilities in Valpolicella and Montalcino. The range Today, along the main street there are many of the most well-known department stores in Tokyo that, along with high quality products, offer customers an equally appreciated service. Ginza is a kind of cultural laboratory of the whole of Japan, which continues to renew itself by transmitting in symbiotic connection with the evolution of deeds, the enthusiasm and ageless charm of Tokyo.
The presence of a Bottegalounge bar in Ginz helps to reinforce the image and the fame of the Treviso brand throughout Japan. Bottega S.p.A.Bottega S.p.A. it is at the same time a cellar and a distillery, which has a close-knit team of wine experts both in vinification and distillation. of products includes Prosecco and other well-known sparkling wines, the great red wines of Veneto and Tuscany, including Amarone and Brunello di Montalcino, the prized single-variety grappas, the distillates aged in barrique, the fruit-based liqueurs and cream. Founded in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, who had inherited from his grandfather the passion for the wine world, Bottega is a solid reality, which distributes its products in over 140 countries and is present in the most prestigious airport duty free shops in the world.


ENRICO CRIPPA, 3 Michelin Stars ‘Piazza Duomo’ Alba, Italy

Alba, Piedmont. In the enchantment of the Langhe, I meet with Enrico Crippa, the Chef of the 3 Michelin starred restaurant Piazza Duomo. We spoke about his choices, his dreams, his travels, his weekends. I tasted one of his dishes: cod and pumpkin, where the exaltation of simplicity, the coherence of cooking and the intuition of the couplings confirm the excellence. Below the recipe.

You chose the Langhe, why?
I can therefore say that my choice was not at all difficult.
The Langhe is an extraordinary territory, rich in exceptional raw materials such as meat, hazelnut, great wines.
Speaking of hazelnuts, would you like to talk about ‘your’ Hazelnut Oil?
The Langa tradition has always seen the production of this
extraordinary oil. In collaboration with Relanghe we decided to produce one that carried my name. We use it to finish our Cardo & Cardo dish, the right combination of two elements of regional cuisine.

You are the champion of ‘legibility’ in a dish. What are the secrets of your crusade?
No secret.
I believe that when we taste a dish we must find the identity of the ingredients and we should not only perceive the technique. Let’s say that the techniques used must be at the service of the dish and not vice versa. Is there a food you love only if cooked by another? More than a food, a kitchen: the Japanese one. The attention to the ingredients, the care of the preparations and the cooking, the choreography of the dish are unequaled if made by their hands.
Which of your dishes represents you the best?

All my dishes represent me.
They are all born from past and present experiences, from the territory that hosts me and from my travels. Each of them brings with me the summary of my kitchen.

A dream in the drawer?
Definitely a restaurant open only for lunch, perhaps in the countryside with lots of greenery around it: I believe that savoring a kitchen with daylight and the tranquility of being able to take a walk in nature after lunch is a priceless gift from
do to ourselves.
Your restaurant has 3 stars. Let’s imagine that
Michelin would give a fourth star. What immediately would come to your mind?
A good news and a possible new goal to reach!

For 20 people
For the cod
3 kg of fresh cod fillet with skin
Qb fine salt
For the pumpkin sauce
1.5 kg of squash
600 grams of butter
80 grams of flour
1.5 l of white brandy
For the cod
Save the cod thoroughly with fine salt. Sprinkle the whole surface well and let it salt for 35 minutes. Then wash it, dry it and let it rest in the fridge for 24 hours.
The next day cut some nice slices removing the skin and giving a squared shape of 80 g each.
skin and cuttings.
For the pumpkin sauce
Cut the butter into pieces and let it foam in the pot.
Add the previously cleaned, cut and floured pumpkin. cook and then sprinkle with water. Cook for 2 hours over low heat. Once cooked, filter the obtained mixture.
To finish add the cod fillet cut into a squared shape and decorate with the pumpkin sauce.

Ristorante Piazza Duomo
Piazza Risorgimento, 4 – 12051 – Alba (CN)

From NY to Italy. Life is a marathon for Pier…and the others.

“Wonder is the salt of the earth” said the Artist who said ‘No’ to Mick Jagger

Forty four years have gone by since Escher’s death,
still today his art doesn’t show any sign of dating, qq2ojwLpbkIQrVmVC7PZ2CAgKBS1WsyLePNPsE-JD-0,dUlbBdRyTun_9FaNQdj43jQk21iWT1oIyaoH23TNgRoHe turns geometric research and rigour into the purest visionary aesthetics,  combines a range of different languages into a new and intriguing itinerary that represents a one off in the history of art across all ages and continues to thrill the wider public.content
A  super exhibit of the one of a kind artist who used to say that “Wonder is the salt of the earth”, is greatly hosted by the Palazzo Reale in Milan till January 22th, 2017.IMG_1524
Escher may be credited with broadening the imagination of those who gaze at or have gazed at his works, where everything is connected: science,
nature, analytical rigour and a contemplative quality.66KWHd4PrCxNXuu2wD7XhFg60cfQUlWMi-jy5RAI9Dg-1
The ‘Escher like’ world today
Escher’s art left the confines of the studio and was transformed into gift boxes, postage stamps and greeting cards; it entered the world of comics and ended up on the LP sleeves of famous bands like Pink Floyd; and his impossible structures are used to allude to paradoxical situations or to astonish people with unrealizable constructions. Echoes of engravings (such as Relativity or House of Stairs) are to be found in the whirling stairs which lead Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons to get lost in an Escher like world.17_pink_floyd_on_the_run
Escheriansettings have been used in commercials like the one for Audi in 2007, based on the famous print Waterfall Hand with Reflecting Sphere Other World and Belvedere
were used by Illy Caffè for a 2006 advertising. A scene in the fantasy film
Labyrinth (1986), starring David Bowie and produced by George Lucas, is built around House of Stairs. Even the famous staircases at Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter saga, are a
dynamic transposition of this work, which also inspired one of the most striking scenes from Night at the Museum 3 and a Sky commercial.06QAmArvgyDFcev1Ftjm5Mno4-nUNJv0dR3BqA0W7Vo
And what about that rumor that Escher refused to work or have his work
used by Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones?
Absolutely true.
On January 1, 1969, Mick Jagger, a big Escher fan, wrote a letter asking the Artist to provide an image for the Stones’ second volume of greatest hits. Well…turns out Escher was NOT a Stones fan, apparently preferred Bach and… the English rock band
Mott the Hoople, which could use a colorized versionof “Reptiles”
on their self-titled debut album in 1969.
No photo except the designated areas, where games of illusions optical dreams and mirrored mirages, will definitely catch you. Impossible not to selfie…IMG_1536IMG_1532

Escher exhibit will hypnotize you with
the images an Artist who said
‘My work is a game, , a very serious game’IMG_1528
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Venice 14th International Architecture Exhibition

SAM_0350 copySince 1968 Venice Biennale’s International Architecture Exhibition sprawls across the famously watery city for a few months every two years. um_2717Absorbing Modernity: 1914-2014 is the idea of this year’s curator., Rem Koolhaas, and his collaborators At Giardini the exhibit spams from the Russian ironic views to the more pedantic Denmark, to pretty quiet Germany and Switzerland, 5390b132c07a805cea000359_your-virtual-tour-of-the-national-pavilions-at-the-venice-biennale-2014_bahrain__reign_of_-2--530x353while Holland centerpiece  Elements of Architecture, is an engaging look behind the elegant facades of international architecture.  Beyond the main events Arsenale and the Giardini, many other shows spread art qll around the city There is Sguardi Incrociati a Venezia at Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia, a double Venice by
Japanese Manga artist Jiro Taniguchi fb540a49-a203-431a-83a7-b9c971f21ebdand the painter, photographer and set designer Mariano Fortuny, um_2725