Where to sleep…while in Coimbra, Portugal

Hästens Sleep Spa

Coimbra is a city that requires an intense visit, full of emotions, discoveries and ups and downs … The mind and body will find great relaxation in this boutique hotel, and a spa … without a spa, where wellness is given not so much by a swimming pool or a jacuzzi, but by the perfect relaxation and rest offered by the rooms, the atmosphere, the service and the extraordinary Swedish Hästens Sleep mattresses, considered one of the best in the world,
It will be like entering a dream in which you are lulled by the power of rest.

 The reception looks like a dazzling library made with more than 400,000 mosaic tiles, a tribute by Hästens Sleep SPA to the Joanina Library

The hotel’s slogan is “Sleep better, live better” In fact, while you sleep, miracles happen.
The body and mind work harmoniously so that you can live a better life. Sleeping is a natural process that cannot be replicated in any other way, especially if you are pampered by the famous Swedish mattresses that contain the finest pure linen, wool and cotton and genuine hypoallergenic horsehair.

Lovely Diana Simoes in charge of Hastens Sleep Spa Coimbra.

Hästens since 1852
The history behind Hästens is rich and goes back six generations. They were originally master saddlers and were eventually appointed to supply the Royal House. Hästens beds are made exclusively using the best natural materials, produced in a sustainable and ethical way with the right resources. Start with horsehair, which removes excess heat and moisture produced by the body during deep sleep. The mix of wool and cotton in Hästens beds also offers maximum comfort, allowing the body to sweat easily.

By using linen in Hästens beds, we eliminate the build-up of static electricity from your body and help you create more positive energy while you sleep. Finally, the Hästens wooden bed frame gives strength and stability to your bed, while the patented spring system offers you maximum support and a high quality sleep. Each bed is made entirely by hand and the production takes about 200 hours. Filled with high quality cotton, wool and horsehair, this comfortable mattress is as breathable as it is flexible, creating an optimal and cool sleeping climate. A particularly high percentage of horsetail hair adds an extra dimension of elasticity.

A uniqe, exclusive from dawn till sunset… tea time included!
Only fifteen rooms, some with private terrace, breakfast served at the table, Pianist with live music with sweet melodies and a brioche that made me crazy
Only fifteen rooms, some with private terrace, breakfast served at the table, Pianist with live music with sweet melodies and a brioche that made me crazy

A special mention deserves the moment of the Hight Tea on the terrace… A classic London ritual just like the one at Buckingham Palace. Served on three-level trays we find watermelon and dill sandwiches, shrimps and mayonnaise, the classic scones, slightly sweet mini sandwiches to be buttered with pineapple and mango jam to finish with the traditional Bligny with salmon caviar cream cheese, mini glasses of lavender cream and lemon tartlets, meringue and berries .. All preceded by Pommery champagne.


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