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Pod Roza (www.podroza.hotel.com.pl) housed in a palace of the 1300s and ‘considered the’ most ‘oldest hotel in Krakow and boasts famous guests such as Balzac and Liszt. In addition to the suites, the delicious-loft bedrooms in the attic, once staff quarters. And if good morning starts in the morning … the day will be ‘really beautiful, having breakfast served in which a spectacular buffet staripante of Polish traditional products including affumcato fish and excellent salmon. No shortage of international delights such as creamy eggs Viennese, freshly cooked. In the evening the area is transformed into a serene atmosphere restaurant with a nice balcony on which to have a drink before dinner. On the menu, a spectacular beet soup with horseradish cream.
Bonerowski Palace (www.palacbonerowski.pl)
It ‘a medieval palace protected of’ Unesco, located in the heart of Krakow, A meticulously restored and lavishly decorated royal residence which has preserved the original details
combining them to modern needs. Clientele very selected: only 8 rooms and 6 ultra luxurious suites. In the lobby stands a superb crystal chandelier, considered the more ‘longest in Europe. high-class service and a lovely view on the Market Square.
Hotel Stary (www.stary.hotel.com.pl)
It is the one chosen by the England squad for the Europeans 2012. Not by chance is the prize winner for best interior design. The SPA winds through a picturesque pools framed by the arches of the ancient walls of the palace. spacious rooms, with wood-beam ceilings and walls from which emerge the original frescoes Some suites are really sumptuous, like the number 100 with a bathtub high tech in the middle of the room. On the terrace and ‘Active Sky Bar, a meeting point for a indimenticable appetizer with a spectacular view of the square. Staying in this hotel can be a magical experience.
LUXURY HOTELScrackovia-finalissimo-avec-les-bicilettes               Pod Roza podroza.hotel.com.pl
The oldest hotels in the city                           Bonerowski Palace palacbonerowski.pl
Regal, with Europe’s longest chandelier
Rooms with original middle age frescos

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