The Ladies of Art


Posted on May, 22, 2022

Alla scoperta dei templi dell’arte e del design

Stories of women between the 16th and 17th centuries.
Milan, Royal Palace

The rooms of Palazzo Reale in Milan host a unique exhibition dedicated to the greatest female artists who lived between the 16th and 17th centuries:
Artemisia Gentileschi, Sofonisba Anguissola, Lavinia Fontana, Elisabetta Sirani, Fede Galizia, Giovanna Garzoni and many others.
dedicated to the universe of women, focusing attention on their works, their priorities and their skills.


The Sale delle Arti located in the magnificent Reggia di Venaria in Turin, Italy, is hosting the exhibition LA FRAGILITA’ DELLA BELLEZZA (The fragility of beauty) that covers almost 40 centuries with  212 restored masterpieces including Titian, Van Dyck, Morandi, Burri and Twombly.

The exhibition itinerary is organized according to a chronological / thematic logic that focuses on the fragility of our heritage.and ends significantly with a room dedicated to works damaged by the earthquake.

You will be able to see the frescoes of the Tomb of Henib, from the Egyptian Museum of Turin; the precious Head of Basel, from the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria; the Portrait of Caterina Balbi Durazzo
by Anton Van Dyck, from the Royal Palace of Genoa,  St. Jerome of Tiziano, from the Pinacoteca di Brera, to 17th century painted Harpsichord, from the National Musical Instruments Museum. Rome.

Several informative meetings on the restoration and a series of educational workshops will be organized by the Educational Services of La Venaria Reale and the Conservation and Restoration Center.

Sale delle Arti, Reggia di Venaria, Turin.
rom March 28th till September 16th, 2018

To know more about this majestic exhibit click here


gugghMilan. Its people and visitors are patiently queuing for a show rendered unique not only because it will present to the public works from the leading Italian museums and equally important museums abroad, but also by the fact that Caravaggio’s canvases will be flanked by their respective X-radiographic images The exhibition reveals, from a new and previously unexplored perspective, the years of Caravaggio’s extraordinary artistic work through two new approaches to reading: diagnostic research and new documentary research..
Tthe audience will be able to discover through the innovative use of multimedia equipment the artist’s path from his initial thought to the final completion of the work. Through infrared reflectography and x-rays that can penetrate through different layers below the surface of the painting, it is now possible to follow the creative process of Caravaggio, his “second thoughts”, refinements, and adjustments in creating the final composition.

A classic example would be the San Giovannino of Palazzo Corsini, which allows us to see the addition of a lamb, which was subsequently removed.
‘Inside Caravaggio’ will allow the incomparable creative path of Caravaggio to be revealed to the general public and it will also be a great opportunity for scholars to perform in-depth analyses. This fascinating journey will enable visitors to follow and discover, through the innovative use of multimedia technologies, the artist’s creative process, from the initial idea to the finished work, giving them the ability to understand not only the process of realization, but also to deep inside the mind of his genius.To conclude your journey a great gift shop, where you will find the best souvenirs. From calendars to earrings, to bags to books.
more info

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-15-26-40-copyForty four years have gone by since Escher’s death, still today his art doesn’t show any sign of dating. He turns geometric research and rigour into the purest visionary aesthetics,  combines a range of different languages into a new and intriguing itinerary that represents a one off in the history of art across all ages and continues to thrill the wider public.qq2ojwLpbkIQrVmVC7PZ2CAgKBS1WsyLePNPsE-JD-0,dUlbBdRyTun_9FaNQdj43jQk21iWT1oIyaoH23TNgRoA  super exhibit of the one of a kind artist who used to say that “Wonder is the salt of the earth”, is greatly hosted by the Palazzo Reale in Milan till January 22th, 2017.
Escher may be credited with broadening the imagination of those who gaze at or have gazed at his works, where everything is connected: science, nature, analytical rigour and a contemplative quality Escher exhibit will hypnotize you with the images of an Artist who said ‘My work is a game,  a very serious game’


“ Il cibo è arte e l’arte è cibo per la mente e per l’anima”3.Murales
Food is art and art is food for your mind and soul.
This is the theme of the the benefit exhibition, curated by Artist Felice Limosani, and held at the Crociera dell’ Ospedale Vecchio, a venue dated 1200. 13 food-related excesses in a provocative and irreverent exhibits featuring artists from around the world.27042016-workinprogressospedalevecchio 044 At the Crociera dell’ Ospedale Vecchio Via D’Azeglio – Oltretorrente
Info at http://www.cibus.it/cibusinfabula/27042016-workinprogressospedalevecchio 057At the Museo del Tessuto till April 29th 2018. Here you will find a luxurious display of embroideries, silks, brocades, and lampasses from 1600, when new nations were discovered and new costumes  images and stories were imported to Europe.Porcelains, paintings of landscapes, and the new profession of the fabric painter  starting from the vagary of remembering antique historical ruins to portraits either official or private.France launched and updated this elaborate fashion, stating different styles, from bizarre to dentelle, to the beautiful drawings of Jean Revel, a major figure in Lyonnaise silk from the 18th century and a pioneer of the French style, who carried his innovative style beyond the courts of Versailles and Paris.

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