WELCOME TO THE SAVINI MILANO 1867. A legendary institution for over 150 years

Text and photos by Rossana BeccariGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II was inaugurated on December 31, 1877
As a matter of fact,  the  so called ‘Salotto di Milano’ was already completed in 1867, when the covered passage was completed and so under a transparent roof, among stuccos, mosaics and elegant decorations, the Gallery comes to life with its shops, bars, restaurants and the prestigious headquarters of the Ricordi music publisher.
Once upon a time there was Caffè Gnocchi, then it changed its banner and became the elegant Stocker Brewery until in 1885 the space was purchased by Virginio Savini:
who transformed the venue into a posh living room enriched by beautiful crystal chandeliers, cutlery, table mats, silver food warmers and tailcoat waiters. The success spanned the golden season of the Belle Epoque and the fabulous 1950s.
Savini has always kept its aura of exclusive place but it is also an interesting archive of memories, stories of characters, curiosities of city life … and why not? … a little
of ‘gossip’: like the iconic ‘table 7’ on the first floor, in the most romantic corner with large windows overlooking the Gallery,
Why iconic? Because that spot was reserved only for the ‘Divine Soprano Maria Callas’ often escorted by Luchino Visconti, Franco Zeffirelli … and of course Mr.Onassis.
A cocktail is dedicated to her, her favorite, based on bitter herbs, still on the list and could only be called “DIVINA”.
Savini has always been the favorite venue for world-famous singers and composers.
Regular guests were Verdi, Puccini, Toscanini, Eleonora Duse and D’Annunzio At the beginning of the twentieth century,
Savini became a place for Milanese intellectuals, writers and artists: from these tables Filippo Tommaso Marinetti founded and became the leader the group known as ‘The Futurist” followed by legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Ava Gardner, Henry Ford, Hemingway and the iconic grand entrance of Liza Minnelli, who’s limo was allowed to drive into the Galleria and stop right in front of the restaurant entrance! That ‘s a star!
Today the Savini Milano 1867 sign is part of Milan’s historic shops and Italy’s historic venues
1° Piano / 1° Floor

Via Ugo Foscolo, 5
Corner of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Opening Hours
From 12.00 to 2.30pm
and from 7.00pm to 10.30pm.
Closed for lunch on Saturdays and on Sunday
Tel +39 02 72 00 34 33



The musical comedy team DUO BALDO is renowned violinist Brad Repp and pianist/actor Aldo Gentileschi. Their critically acclaimed performances combine virtuosic performances, theatrical humor, and pop culture.
Duo Baldo made their debut with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli in 2004.  In February 2006, Duo Baldo won first prize at the National Short Theater Competition in Florence. After winning first prize at the 2009 Musicomicontest, they performed at the opening of the 2010 Salzburg Festival.  Other engagements include the Chamber Music Society of Trieste, as well as appearances in many US cities including Cincinnati, Baltimore, El Paso, and internationally in Milan, Lucca, Lugano (Switzerland), Dubai (UAE), Mexico City, Paunat (France) and tours of China, Taiwan and Japan. Violinist Brad Repp has appeared as violin soloist with José Carreras.  He performs on a 1736 Testore violin.  Aldo Gentileschi performs on whatever piano he can find.After having sold out in Tokyo, Salzburg, Mexico City and Washington, CONdivertimentoCERTO finally returns to Milan to open the Harmonies and Sounds of the Spazio Teatro No’hma exhibition.
Aldo Gentileschi (pianist) and Brad Repp (violinist), “play” with music, humorously interpreting many classic songs from the most famous repertoire.They know how to  add theatrical comedy to the most splendid melodies.
What a repertoire!
From Mozart , to Debussy, to Gershiwn to a funny Per Elisa, to Paganini and John Cage. The violinist Maestro Repp and his ‘victim’ Aldo build an irresistible show that offers a different way of approaching the world of classical music. Jokes, tics, musical provocations become the fabric of the show in which music is combined with fun.
Let’s have them play & party!

Jan 8, 9 2020
Via Andrea Orcagna 2, Milan
Free entrance. To make a reservation

Born in Milan, he lives in New York, Milan and the rest of the world.
Cesare likes to travel up and down America as well as spending time  in Italy and Europe.
For NTT, he photographs and tells about cities, cultures, lifestyles and discovers both traditional and innovative gastronomic delights, among interviewing top chefs from all over the world, “stealing” their recipes and  write everything here, in  a perfect ‘ non touristy tourist’ style..




Capperi… che Pizza!

The info saysNuovo format di pizzeria con pizza gourmet della famiglia Acciaio’.
A new format of making a gourmet pizza. created by the Acciaio Family, who started back in the ’60s  with their boutique food outlet Lucullus in the region of Vesuvius.
This pizza is easily digestible, slightly low in salt, healthy and enhanced by delicious food choices.trough an innovative project created by Acciaios.
Products are selected with great care by Giuseppe, culinary expert, and known for his large contributions in the promotion of the territory, its antique food traditions and its genuine products.




Here the pizza boasts the highest quality of Italian cheeses, artisanal salamis, local tomato varieties and tuna and anchovy conserves. The aromas of this rich territory can be tasted in each bite.


Throughout the years, the selections have been enriched and expanded to include the new era of gourmet pizza. They offer the highest level of product, bursting with freshness and aroma which translates into positive health benefits and heightened digestibility for the consumer. Each recipe includes detailed information about each ingredient highlighting both origins and methods of preparation.The result is equilibrated and delicious in every aspect such as the selection of Piennolo DOP cherry tomatoes, preserved in water and salt, torzelle seeds, capers from Salina, tuna and anchovies from Cetara, broccoli rabe from Vesuvius and figs from the Cilento area, buffalo mozzarella DOP, basil from Genua, are all examples of this careful selection. All products are sourced directly from the producers by the Acciaio family, under the brand name L’Orta di Lucullo and I Sapori di Corbara. They cultivate this high quality by working directly with local farmers who are encouraged to grow and harvest their products with extreme respect for nature.Start to taste a mixture of fried arancini and crosses of potatoes in combination with fried stuffed pasta: lumaconi with buffalo DOP Campania ricotta, Sicilian pistachio pesto, Bologna organic mortadella and rigatoni filled with fresh fiordilatte, buffalo ricotta di DOP, salt and black pepper.For the fourth taste, one of the “Speciali Gourmet”: San Daniele Cascata pizza, whose base is integral. In addition, DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella, San Daniele PDO raw ham, 18/24 months, Caiazzane olives dressed in extra virgin olive oil, basil from Genoa.
Surely the visual impact is good and the taste is good despite the consistency of the dough which, while maintaining lightness, changes Start to taste a mixture of fried arancini and crosses of potatoes in combination with fried stuffed pasta: lumaconi with buffalo DOP Campania ricotta, Sicilian pistachio pesto, Bologna organic mortadella and rigatoni filled with fresh fiordilatte, buffalo ricotta di DOP, salt and black pepper.
Slightly low in salt, although it is a conscious choice of pizzaiolo, the alveolation is there and the dough is light.
For the fourth taste, one of the “Speciali Gourmet”: San Daniele Cascata pizza, whose base is integral.In addition, DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella, San Daniele PDO raw ham, 18/24 months, Caiazzane olives dressed in extra virgin olive oil, basil (28 €).Surely the visual impact is good and the taste is good despite the consistency of the dough which, while maintaining lightness, changes.The format comes from an idea of ​​his and his brother Giuseppe, who works in the catering sector but in imported gastronomic contexts, and the partner Ettore Chiodini. The project aims to bring the quality of pizza to a higher level by rediscovering the traditionality and originality of the past thanks to flour, all type 1 or 2.“I realized that the pizza was getting ruined”, says Giuseppe Acciaio, “for the quality not always adequate of the ingredients, but sometimes also for the inability of the pizza makers to manage them at best”. Precisely for this reason, alongside the project of “redevelopment” of pizza, Giovanni Acciaio puts up Pizza Neapolitan Gourmet, a training school for gourmet pizza chefs, in Moncalieri, of which his son Luigi Acciaio is president.“A pizza maker is not only technical, he must know the products and who produces them, he must study,” says Acciaio. A choice, that of the pizza-maker profession, no longer as a refuge in the face of failures in other fields, but which, on the contrary, becomes a true vocation.


Teatro Carcano, Milan. The World Premiere of QUEEN LEA-R

Last night at Teatro Carcano, Milan the World Premiere of QUEEN LEA-R,
‘en travesti’ musical play freely adapted from by Shakespeare ‘s King Lear
Open scenario, a doll store with a vintage feeling , on stage the Nina’s Drag Queens Company, in a quite intense musical play conceived by Francesco Micheli, renewed and re-written by the British playwright Claire Dowie and the Italian composer Enrico Melozzi.
The plot is about Lea Rossi moved from Italy to Uk in the 70’s and opened a little doll shop, whose sign reads: Lea R.
The elderly lady is now facing the end of her business and of her life. Struggling with her physical decay, she is unable to give way to new generations, and to separate herself from her things, in spite of the efforts of her three daughters and of the loyal friend Mrs. Kent.The Shakespearean themes are now associated to a contemporary, stark atmosphere, where castles become studio apartments, the moors are hospices, and the madness is senile dementia. In this harsh world the old “queen” has no place to go but a hospice and here her epic visions – knights, wars, and medieval kingdoms – come to life.
Queen LeaR deals with some uncomfortable themes of our time, such as old age, illness and death, on the background of a generation with a hard legacy on his back, a generation of children who may never be fathers. Drag queens act, sing, dance, make people laugh and cry, live and stir strong emotions: for this reason a drag queen is the perfect key to translate Shakespeare in a present-day form, innovating it through a contemporary, eclectic and excessive mask. Queen LeaR is also built on the idea of mixing together different kinds of show. The ambition is to put on stage a form of entertainment at the same time popular and high, which takes its strength from the use of pastiche and the break of genres boundaries.
I loved (and the public too) the crazy and unxpected inserts of contemporary hits  from the Italian Franco Battiato’s The Cure to the classic I will survive just to mention few. All songs ‘live’ revealing some pretty good voices. This format is not so new… the iconic Quartetto Cetra, back in the 60’s  or the ilarious Trio used that gig in the past.  The drag queens’ performances as contemporary opera: a theater with a great visual impact and accurate musical drama dealing with capital issues sometime  sacrificing the enjoyment of the show.
Dowie’s libretto has accustomed the audience ( literally populated by Nina’ friends drug queens,) to her ironic and daring plays, where a social urgency coexists with an amazing lightness. Irreverent, poetic, brilliant, Claire Dowie is a rare and original voice on the European scene and her plays have been translated into many languages and seen around the world. Alessio Calciolari, Gianluca Di Lauro, Sax Nicosia, Lorenzo Piccolo, Ulisse Romanò studied in the main Italian Theatre Academy and performed in many productions in Italy and abroad, ranging from theater to opera, dance and cinema.

Queen LeaR will reign on stage till Jan 20





There are several legends about the birth of the milanese panettone.
The most common dates back to the 1476. It tells of Ugo, a young falconer
who worked for Ludovico il Moro, the Duke of Milan.


The boy was secretly in love with Adalgisa, daughter of Toni, the most popular baker in Milan. To spend more time with her, Ugo managed to become a pastry cook apprentice. Christmas was coming, and Ugo wanted to give a twist to the usual bread.He sweetened up the dough, adding sugar, butter, eggs, raisins and chopped candied fruits, then he cooked and shaped it like a giant muffin.

The novelty instantly became the talk of the town. Everybody wanted the new Toni’s bread (pan de Toni) soon named panettone.

The history goes on
After centuries, the panettone is still the delicious centerpiece at many festive tables,
In 1930, two well-known patisserie masters, Mr. Agostino Panigada and Mr. Giovanni Cova came together to create their first workshop in Viale Nurzia in Milan. Here the real “Panetun di Milan” was born.
Traditional Panettone generously filled with  raisins and candied fruit peel (including a lot of squared oranges that I love) The “Milanese” pound (Libbra) is an ancient unit of measurement of Northern Italy – it corresponds to 1120 grams. Breramilano. have adopted this peculiarity to highlight the prestigious “Milano” line, where the combination between taste and art reaches the most impressive outcome. This line, called BreraMilano1930 (now widely distributed in the US)  is characterized by making use of a special paper, rough to the touch, that takes its stylistic inspiration from their original 1930s collections.  Breramilano produces superior quality confections particularly their Panettone and Pandoro which are known as the undoubted symbols of Milanese confectionary art all over the world. For this company, remembering and respecting the past means keeping alive the ancient confectionary art traditions, respecting old recipes and checking every single ingredient for quality. Their aim is to keep alive the flavors of the past as time goes by.
Finally, like in the old times, this panettone is rigorously hand
wrapped exactly like they use to do in the old Milan …Foto. Cesare Zucca









Palazzo Reale, Milan.
Locals and visitors are patiently queuing for  “Dentro Caravaggio (Inside Caravaggio) a splendid exhibit featuring 18 masterworks by Caravaggio.


The show is rendered unique not only because it will present to the public works from the leading Italian museums and equally important museums abroad, but also by the fact that Caravaggio’s canvases will be flanked by their respective X-radiographic images The exhibition reveals, from a new and previously unexplored perspective, the years of Caravaggio’s extraordinary artistic work through two new approaches to reading: diagnostic research and new documentary research..
Tthe audience will be able to discover through the innovative use of multimedia equipment the artist’s path from his initial thought to the final completion of the work. Through infrared reflectography and x-rays that can penetrate through different layers below the surface of the painting, it is now possible to follow the creative process of Caravaggio, his “second thoughts”, refinements, and adjustments in creating the final composition.

A classic example would be the San Giovannino of Palazzo Corsini, which allows us to see the addition of a lamb, which was subsequently removed.
‘Inside Caravaggio’ will allow the incomparable creative path of Caravaggio to be revealed to the general public and it will also be a great opportunity for scholars to perform in-depth analyses. This fascinating journey will enable visitors to follow and discover, through the innovative use of multimedia technologies, the artist’s creative process, from the initial idea to the finished work, giving them the ability to understand not only the process of realization, but also to deep inside the mind of his genius.



To conclude your journey a great gift shop, where you will find the best souvenirs. From calendars to earrings, to bags to books.

‘DENTRO CARAVAGGIO’ at Palazzo Reale in Milan till february 4th.
LINK TO info



Milan: At Sforza Castle, Vivaldi meets Piazzolla

Summer in the City ?
New York Central Park offers Shakespeare in the Park,
London Hyde Park rocks with
Justin Bieber and
Phil Collins performances.
What about Milan?
The city gets an amazing location, the beautiful Park where the Sforza Castle stills reigns as it did for centuries .
Every night in the Cortile delle Armi the stage vibrates of music and emotions.
Last night the program hosted a quite surprising mix of different musics,
Last night
Vivaldi met Piazzolla
Two centuries, two continents and more than ten thousand kilometers are the physical and temporal distances separating the two artists: Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla in dialogue with their respective “Four Seasons”. From the brilliant and balanced Venetian baroque to Piazzolla’s tormented Las cuatro estaciones porteñas
The unprecedented combo started from the famous Vivaldi’ Spring  followed by Piazzolla Fall, then interacting with all the other seasons by both the musicians.
A great night, Thanks to the magic violin of Francesco
Manara from Teatro alla Scala and the
Milano Chamber Orchestra directed by Lorenzo Passerini
Tonight a new show:  From Summertime to Roman holidays, a compilation of the best original songs from iconic movies. and more…. such as Jobim’s Desafinado, Callin you from Bagdad cafè, Streisand’s The way we were , Over the rainbow, and much more
all performed by Quartet Archimia.


45741-Cripta_Santo_SepolcroMilan, exactly in the spot that a Leonardo‘s drawing described as an ideal center of the plant in the city,  it was reopened to the public the impressive underground church of Santo Sepolcro. Here it was built a copy of the alleged “tomb of Christ”, was brought here the land of Jerusalem after the First Crusade.
Here Saint Carlo Borromeo came to pray.
Milan returns to show its history and its beauty.

See the 360 video



Chic, Tasty & Sparkling? Berlucchi Lounge at Duomo !

Milan, April 6th Berlucchi from 7.30 pm at Mercato Duomo IMG_9347 copy
Oltolini IMG_9356 copywill host a wine tasting featuring the classic
Brut, Rosee and Saten Franciacorta Berlucchi ’61,
and including the new Nature, with five exquisite dishes large tapas like,IMG_9337 copy spanning from cold cuts, to veggies, to cheeses that representing
the Italian excellence in the world of gastronomy. IMG_9344 copy
The event will take place in the beautiful Franciacorta Lounge
right on Piazza Duomo.IMG_9348 copyIMG_9345 copy35 EurosIMG_9336 copy

Milan gets greedy for food. MILANO GOLOSA 2015 will satisfy everyone appetite.

3 days of gourmet food, cooking shows, meetings and…did I say food?milano golosaThat’s the succulent program of the 4th edition of Milano Golosa, a gourmet bonanza
that will invade Milan Oct 3-5
at Palazzo Del Ghiaccio, located in Via PiranesI.mi go This annual event, created by Davide Paolini, the soul of the respected www.gastronauta.it
will take to an extraordinary journey. Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 15.19.35

Before the show starts, the program includes several  “Fuori Milano Golosa events where great chefs will create new and traditional dishes.
Amazing locations too, starting from the trendy furniture store Dilmos, where 7 producers will offer the best of their production during an aperitivo, that will combine excellences between design and food.dilmosThen to the next door I Salentini Restaurant, located in Via Solferino 44, which is hosting a tasting menu featuring specialties made with local product from the Salento area, including the celebrated pasticciotto, a traditional sweet made of shortcrust pastry filled with cream or chocolate.pasticciotto




If you want to know ( and taste) more of Milano Golosa, check info at



“Happy Hour” on the grass with…Leonardo

Milan i is famous for its “aperitivo-happy hour” 3 (32 of 66)a feast of drinks, cocktails and wines, usually escorted by a generous buffet , tapas and pass trough finger food.
One of the best aperitivo is promoted by the flamboyant socialite Maurice Dotta, who has the ability to discover hidden places and amazing locations and transform them into a fashionable happy hour venue. Here people can meet, dance, drink and of course taste delicious food and hoers d’oeuvres from the local Chef. Maurice latest creature is called Apero and it’s located in a green oasis in the heart of Milan: the Orti di Leonardo Da Vinci, the beautiful garden of the 15th century Palazzo delle Stelline.PEOLE)
The party starts at 7.00 pm and goes till late. Guests are invited to relax on the grass, decorated with colorful blankets, comfy pillows and beach umbrellas. The Dj is spinning an interesting mixture of classics, retro and contemporary music, from the disco era to the newest avant-garde.vegan buffet at apero copyThe rich buffet is vegan friendly. I tried a vegetable couscous, spiced with yellow curry and an excellent farro salad with beans, carrots and red peppers.couscous copy farro salad copyPrices: Drinks are 7 Euros, the buffet 5 Euros. If you prefer a seated dinner, the Orti di Leonardo Restaurant has outdoor and offers a small menu with appetizers, entrees, fish and meat.

There II tried the tentacoli polpo, grilled octopus copya tender grilled octopus served with pachino tomatoes and a mozzarella called burrata di Andria with arugula and San Marzano tomatoes over a bruschetta bread.burrata e buschtta copy
I also suggest the classic risotto Milanese with saffron pistils or the vegan friendly pasta paccheri di Gragnano with vegetables sauce. branzino copyIf you are into fish, try the tasty grilled branzino and vegetables. Not to mention the cotoletta alla milanese, a must for a venue that even Leonardo would have loved during his staying in Milan!

Photos by Margarita Zurcova

New Bianchi store in Milan. Cycles, sportwear, cakes and other delicacies.

The legendary Italian champion Fausto Coppi

The legendary Italian champion Fausto Coppi

The legendary Bianchi cycles celebrates its 130th anniversary with the opening the new innovative “Bianchi Cafè & Cycles” in Milan.SAM_4732 copySAM_4735 copy SAM_4742 copyA must go, if you love top quality bicycles, Italian taste and a sporty lifestyle.

SAM_4738 copySAM_4794 copy






The Milan location will provide a wide range of services, including bicycle shops, technical assistance, bike fitting and fined restaurant cafè.

For the press preview Genova’s Pasticceria Poldo served a delicious rupsberry semifreddo. 

Rupsberry semifreddo by Particceria Poldo in Genua.

Rupsberry semifreddo by Particceria Poldo in Genua.








Genua Poldo’s Chef Francesco Crocco

Poldo’s Chef Francesco Crocco whispered to me that he would impress the evening crowd with a chocolate fountain…


SAM_4724 copyFor the opening super Chef Davide Oldani, created some amazing hors d’oeuvre, including a tuna creme decorated with beetroot and fried capers

A superChef Oldani ctreation: tuna mousse with beetroot, arugula and fried capers

A superChef Oldani ctreation: tuna mousse with beetroot, arugula and fried capers

followed by the succulent Fregole al Caffe (the fregola is a toasted pasta with an earthy, nutty flavour) with rosemary oil, pears  and a zest of coffee.

Fregole with pears ,rosemary oil and a touch of coffee

Fregole with pears ,rosemary oil and a touch of coffee



Bianchi Cafè & Cycles
Via Cavallotti, Milan


RHIÉ fashion-short was the big winner last night at the  Milan Fashion Film Festival!
3 Awards for Best Director, Best Art Direction and BEST FILM
Check this amazing video, starring Sonja Kinski, She couldn’t be as better choice for this thriller-like short.
Here Rhie’ with 3 Awards designed by Fornasetti ( Photo)
Rhie' with 3  winner of 3 Awards at the Milan Fashion Film FestivalAfter the FFF Award ceremony, I met her at the party. She is so fun !
with rhie'Check RHIE’collection at http://rhiestudio.com/

1 hour : learn, experiment, cook… enjoy your dish!

Wednesday July 25th at 11.00 am Pacific time/2.00 pm Eastern time.
I will be hosting a 1 hour cooking online show SOCIALKITCHEN live from Milan, Italy!
CZ chef
You will learn how to make a tempting aperitivo drink made with Rabarbaro Zucca, a rhubarb-based digestive bitter liqueur  created, believe it or not, by my great great grand father and still one of the most traditional and popular drinks of Italy.
anonym-rabarbaro-zucca-2169697-1Then guided by super Chef Antonio, you will learn how to make an amazing hamburger, inspired to the legendary Serendipity’s Burger Extravagant, listed in the Guinness Records as the most expensive burger in the world.
295 US Dollars, no kidding!Serendipity 3 $295 Hamburger



Don’t  worry, our version
will be way cheaper but

                                                    sensational and gourmet!
Not only…few days before the show, SocialKitchen will email you the list of the right ingredients so you would be actually able to cook and interact live with Chef Antonio himself.
1 hour : learn, experiment, cook… enjoy your dish!

Go to www.socialkitchen.it
Register (it’s free)
Enjoy the show!


Where? Interno 23 a private, luxury lounge club  in Milan at Viale Piceno 23.Starts at 12.00pm  Make a reservation ph. 02-87158467
What? A great buffet with farro and pumpkin, zucchini focaccia, herbs muffins, red lentils soup, scrambled tofu,vegetables. chocolate biscuits, apple tart,banana bread, fruit     skewers, and more… only 20 euros .                                                                                   I tried once , I loved it, I ‘ll go back on Sunday

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Ballet, Fashion & Creativity shine through young Hungarian designers

The Pentatonicism Fashiow Show was the magical closing night for the Milan June 2013 fashion week, held in the superb “cortile” of Palazzo Isimbardi. In a warm summer night more than sixty different garments created by twentyfour young designers of the Association of Hungarian Figurative Art, walked the runway. Instead of traditional models, the outfits were  worn by the dancers of the Opera in Budapest, performing ballets inspired by the Hungarian music on the pentatonic scale typical of folk melodies, well researched by great musician such as Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály.                                                        IMG_1950 copy         The event was attended by the President of the Chamber of Fashion Mario Boselli, the charming Mrs Enikő Győri, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary and the lively Mrs Helga Gal, official sommelier of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the evening wine&food official adviser.