A special apron bearing the words “MILAN KEEPS ON COOKING” to send a positive message to Milan, Italy and the whole world in a moment of immobility and general concern that threatens to deal a blow to everything the catering sector. The idea came to the team of the agency Alessia Rizzetto PR & Communication, specialized in the food & beverage sector “Milan, says Alessia, the dynamic, creative and productive city par excellence, will not stop, rather will continue to” cook “dishes, ideas and opportunities , although the Covid-19 epidemic forced us to change our lifestyle for the moment.
We therefore lend ourselves as a sounding board to a message of optimism that starts from the Milanese chefs and that we hope will reach the public and institutions,
“The goal, continues Alessia, is to relaunch the attractiveness of the made in Italy gastronomy on a national and international scale, of which Milan is one of the undisputed strongholds, without neglecting the precautionary measures imposed by the serious ongoing health emergency.
There are already more than 30 chefs, pizza chefs, pastry chefs and catering entrepreneurs – in alphabetical order, Mattia Accarino, Marco Ambrosino, Enrico Bartolini, Andrea Berton, Cesare Battisti, Eugenio Boer, Fabrizio Borraccino, Daniel Canzian, Nicola Cavallaro, Roberto Di Pinto , Gianluca Fusto, Antonio Guida, Ernst Knam, Filippo La Mantia, Martina Miccione, Davide Oldani,
Mathias Perdomo, Wicky Priyan, Eugenio Roncoroni, Laura Santosuosso, Lorenzo Sirabella, Luigi Taglienti, Matteo Torretta, Viviana Varese, Simone Zanon, Andrea Zazzara
– to have joined the awareness campaign by taking the front line for the recovery of Milan. They were symbolically given an apron to wear and then take a photo to be published on their social networks together with a message using the hashtag #milanokeepsoncooking
In the next few days, moreover, the chefs involved in the initiative will be asked to create video recipes that can be easily replicated at home,  Stay tuned for more info….

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