The TUTU inside you !

Six dancers take us on a frantic, humorous trip while revisiting iconic moments of classic ballet rigorously in travesti. Six male performers (and one female only, who acts as ‘porteur’) who fear nothing raise this Tutu to the rank of the best dance levels.. The troupe founded by choreographer  Philippe Lafeuille is known for self-irony and the art of mocking but also for the seriousness with which he carries on his belief: the love of dance above all things.
Each scene is a surprise of colors and the performers joyfully transport the audience into their fantastic and theatrical universe. The comic inventions are underlined by the amazing costumes of Corinne Petitpierre, delusional variations of the classic tutu, jackets, hats, duck tails and trousers that allow a bird to dance.

It’s a mix of dance, ballroom, sport and rhythm, academic or acrobatic. It is an ode to dance, where fun meets requirement , like in the iconic ‘Four little swans’ from Swan Lake, transforming their dance into a  fun hip hop mood.Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 17.36.07.png
In addition to the classical ballet, there are endless shows on ancient songs on the gramophone, typical of the ‘pieces’ by Pina Bausch.
Or the shapes of the gymnasts who at the Olympics amaze us with their incredible technicalities and their slightly fanatical expressions. And the ‘expressive’ solos of throbbing modern dancers, half Valkyries and half Erinyes.
 All declined with grace and skill, with a taste for dialogue with the public capable of enchanting and showing that even our simple gesture, if guided with skill and poetry, can become dance.
Demonstrating that in every human being there is a hidden but ready to go out when you least expect it, a dancing soul.
 From classical ballet to Pina Bausch, to a ‘Bayaderes’ atmosphere  including the “dance of ducks and swans”, Chicos Mambo revisit all types of dance and make fun of the codes of choreography without any taboos, spanning from from classical ballet to contemporary dance to tango, to hip hop even to the Maori tribal dances.
Amazing finale:  Philippe Lafeuille engages the public with a global singing and dancing .
Impossible to resist!
It’s true , there a TUTU inside everybody………
Don’t miss TUTU
Sat 22
Sund 23
February 2020
Teatro Menotti,
Via Ciro Menotti, 11 Milano

Travel, food & lifestyle.
Milanese by birth, Cesare lives between New York, Milan and the rest of the world. He travels up and down America, often indulging to escape to Italy and Europe.
Cesare photographs and narrates cities, cultures, lifestyles and discovers traditional and innovative gastronomic delights. He meets and interviewes top chefs from all over the world, ‘steal’ their recipes and tell you everything here, in the  ‘non touristy’ style.


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