A rubber bracelet that looks like a bricklayer’s classic nail?

luca-cantamessa-768x102422 year old Italian
Luca Cantamessa
had a vision…

A bracelet that could be simple, accessible, trendy and available
in all the best clothing stores.CIOD visual cartella stampa copy

Then he created CiöDGetFileAttachment

the reinterpretation of a poor object which thanks to creativity turns into a 18 different colors luxury accessory.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.54.33 The nail is the symbol of work and this is why only prime quality materials are used and the entire production process is carried out in Italy, guaranteeing a prime quality finished product. From 22-28 Euros and, obviously, one size fits all. IMG_0367


Check in the streets of Milano, the trendy ones are wearing it.

.Luca, that’s cool , just wondering why he is not wearing his own CiöD?

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