LECCE The workshop “The Biscozzi Foundation”

The workshop “The Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud: a new contemporary art museum in Lecce”, within the master’s degree course “Art, valorisation and market” within the teaching of “Management and start-up for art” held by Professor Angelo Mittel.

With the introduction and on the initiative of Professor Miglietta himself, the workshop will explore the case of the Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud, and in particular how it constitutes an innovative experiment for the promotion of culture and the development of human and territorial capital, through the interventions of Dominique Rimbaud and Paolo Bolpagni, respectively president and technical-scientific director of the Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud, as well as the mayor of Lecce Carlo Salvemini and the councilor for culture, the enhancement of cultural heritage and public education Fabiana Cicirillo. The opening greeting will be entrusted to Vincenzo Trione, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Tourism of the IULM University.

The case study: the Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud was established on 19 February 2018 by the spouses Luigi Biscozzi and Dominique Rimbaud with the intention of carrying out a cultural activity particularly aimed at modern and contemporary art, through the enhancement of their collection of about two hundred works. This collection is to be considered as a permanent nucleus destined to be preserved over time, but also to grow with new acquisitions, and constitutes the reference and tool for exhibitions, conferences, educational and popular activities. The Foundation, whose legal personality has been officially recognized as being of public interest, promotes in particular the “Progetto Lecce”, which arises from the desire of Luigi Biscozzi to make his art collection available to the public in his own territory of origin.

Workshop: “The Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud: a new contemporary art museum in Lecce”
Date: Thursday 13 April 2023, from 3 to 6 pm
Venue: IULM University, Room 531, via Carlo Bo, 1 – Milan
Free admission until all available seats are filled
For information:
Biscozzi Foundation | Rimbaud, http://www.fondazionebiscozzirimbaud.it | info@fondazionebiscozzirimbaud.it


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