Photos © Cesare Zucca 2016

Photos © Cesare Zucca 2016

Blue sky, gray sky, sun, rain, even a hailstorm….
A dramatic weather palette that was greatly pairing the
palette of Isaia Spring / Summer 2017  that feeds on bright shades of color between the sky and sea. A compendium of natural tones and earthquakes combined with weights, stylish pink and lilac;

YstPV                          For the food lovers…..there was the w the classic Isaia lunch, featuring Frittata di Pasta , Mozzarella Ravioli, appetizers, cocktails, the one and only  Pastiera Napoletana  a local cake rich in ricotta and fruit candies and the supreme Napolitan dessert, the  Baba al Rum


TtaIw tPpeE SABPg                                                                      Well THIS the real Napolitan Cake  RARdQ pm2x5 OtMuB o4Iz2 m7I7k M3QbJnuances
of light grays and spirits placed in dialogue with the vibrant chromatic strength of red and yellow and, of course, the blue Naples, flavored and charmed by the vintage Made in Capri that defines Isaia proposal for the summer 2017. KVd0Z

Capri is romance………kj8B6

iPUfD IaLqB gT1Pi FeEG8 EGxAd Indulging in a deliciously decadent baba !

D6G0n bnvNC 8a5tN 6BCLZ

4eYnZ 2MXCTHands up ! Here the guys discussing ‘Italian way’…        2Mequ 2a2Nq ztSgZIsaia is bringing a bit of Capri to Milan Fashion Week
.for more info check

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