World-renowned. Artist Christo nd his wife, the late Jeanne-Claude,
created many spectacular temporary large-scale artworks from wrapping in silver fabric the Reichstag building in Berlin and the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, to building a 25-mile fabric fence across Northern California, to installing 1,340 giant blue umbrellas across the Sato River valley in Japan and 1,760 giant yellow ones in Tejon Pass, California.um3wv In New York more than four million visitors experienced the amazing trill of 7500 gates saffron-coloured fabric panels decorating a spectacular 23 miles walk in Central Park.

The Gates at Central Park Photo Cesare Zucca

The Gates at Central Park Photo Cesare Zucca

Their last project ‘The Floating Piers’ is taking place in Italy at the beautiful Lake Iseo till July 3th. It is an amazing 52 feet wide pathway on the water from the town of Sulzano to the Monteisola Island and continuing along pedestrian roads from Peschiera to Sensole, then reachingto the San Paolo Island.

Photo- Wolfgang Volz © 2016 Christo

The floating Piers at Lake Iseo , Italy  Photo- Wolfgang Volz © 2016 Christo

The piece of work has a total length of 2,7 miles. The artist describes the sensation of strolling along the floating piers as “walking on the back of a whale” and yes, it is a long walk indeed. Probably at the end we’ ll be hungry and looking to taste some local, traditional, truly popular food. Just check around, along the lakeside promenade, there are many osteria where you can enjoy the most traditional dish,
manzo all’olio di Rovato,(literally ‘Rovato beef in oil’)

The traditional 'manzo all'olio' served with polenta © Cesare Zucca 2015

The traditional ‘manzo all’olio’ served with polenta © Cesare Zucca 2015

.Rovato is a small town located in the Franciacorta hills, close to the lake to be paired to a great Franciacorta brut such as the Berlucchi ’61 Nature Millesimato
a multi-faceted aromatic sparklyn white wine that combines
the freshness of Chardonnay and the minerality of Pinot Noirberl

pa0050 copy 2

As suggested from Michelin starred Chef Vittorio Fusari, born and raised between the Franciacorta wineries and a true    philosopher of the local cuisine. On June 25th,  Vittorio will present his own version of the manzo all’olio.


Manzo all’olio inteepreted by The Vittorio Fusari-Photo-Masaka-Zukurihara

For more info http://www.berlucchi.it/

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