From Legnano to Rio. The funniest Italian family does Brasil!


The theatrical company I Legnanesi was born in 1949, in an oratory of Legnano,
The exclusively male nature of the company is due to an ancient ecclesiastical ban that prevented to women to act with men, so that women’s roles were interpreted by the same male actors in disguise, talking in the Legnanese dialect.
The company became famous and performed in mayor theaters, gaining great popularity and winning several awards.ilegnanesi2017_icolomboviaggiatori_foto4phangeloredaelli
The new show I COLOMBO VIAGGIATORI , is all about the traveling adventures of the  Famiglia Colombo formed by the man of the house is (or at least he should be) Giovanni (Luigi Campisi) his unsinkable wife Teresa (Antonio Provasio, who is also co-writer and director) and their glamorous daughter Mabilia (Enrico Dalceri) a not-so-young blond shell, always looking to get married to a rich guy.
The action takes places in the courtyard , when an unexpected news arrives.
Gege’, the Colombo’s long distance adopted brasilian son, now grown up, is coming back to Legnano to meet his family. He ‘s a rich guy , owns 3 boats and invites Mommy and Dad to a cruise to Brasil, not only,  he hires Mabilia as the star of the show.

ilegnanesi2017_icolomboviaggiatori_fotorivista3phangeloredaelliMabilia offers some glizzy musical numbers, first with a tribute to the iconic italian musical diva Wanda Osiris, then as a flamboyant Carioca singer escorted by colorfull young dancers,while in the grand finale: all actors show up as “men” in ” elegant tuxedos.ilegnanesi2017_icolomboviaggiatori_posato1phangeloredaelli

From left Giovanni (Luigi Campisi)
(Antonio Provasio,
(Enrico Dalceri)


This new sparkling episode of the Colombo family is ready to entertaining the audience and will be on the stage of Teatro Nazionale , Via Giordano Rota,1
in Milan till February 19th then to ‘crossover’ the milanese public, ferforming ‘ abroad’ in many theaters all over Italy for a very long tour that will include Genoa, Bologna,Reggio Emilia, Bergamo, among many cities of Lombardy and Piedmont regions. untill the end of May 2017!
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From Florianopolis to Castelfranco. Best tourism videos travel the ocean.

Italy, Veneto Region.img_0147-copyCastelfranco Veneto, is the picturesque birthplace of Giorgione, an Italian painter of the Venetian school in the High Renaissance.

Only a few of his works are available today, but they are among the most valued art works of Italy: like the renowned Pala  the altar-piece left in the Cathedral portraying a Madonna with the Child, San Francesco and San Liberale.screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-14-37-06

The spectacular square named after Giorgione is the heart of this town that still preserves great architectural and art works within its walls. These include the Cathedral (Duomo), built between 1724 and 1746 on a project of Francesco Maria Preti and which contains many art works, frescoes by Paolo Veronese, paintings by Jacopo Bassano, Paolo Piazza, Pietro Damini and other painters of the Venetian school of the XVI, XVII and XVII centuries.

Castelfranco means “duty-free castle” because its first inhabitants did not pay. The city recently hosted last weekend the  FIACULT awards, dedicated to the audiovisual products promoting tourism, trade. culture, and local gastronomy.
Dozen of  worldwide videos were selected and judged by an
international jury composed of journalists and video experts selected the winners.

FIACULT, International Audiovisual Festival of Culture and Tourism was born in Florianopolis, Brazil  and for the first time brought its awards ceremony to the magnificent Castelfranco Veneto, a city well known not only for its historical Castle, The Tower and the screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-14-41-54Giorgione Arts and Museum,
                                 The  awarding ceremony was held with a gala evening
at the  beautiful Teatro  Accademico on Saturday, Nov 19th.

Third place for the video “Setubal is um Mundo” promoting the  ancient city of Setubal, second place for David Cooper’s “Cities We Love Unesco” about 15 World Heritage cities of Spain, and the winnerInfinit Blu Resort & Spa, great venue in Balneário Camboriú, nearly 1 million tourists favorite summer destination.
screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-13-34-17A well deserved “food tourism” trophy went to the National Park of the Cinque Terre with the first episode of Passport & Plate series,
produced in cooperation with World Nomads.

First time the Giovanni Sartori prize
went to
Castelfranco Veneto Carlo Rosselli Institute for the realization of a short montage of the contest nominees. 

                                  I was a little bit disappointed, because my favorite
Viver, experiementar, sentir
(A cute story promoting the Serra Gaúcha’s Termas & Longevidade Tourist Route)
…was snubbed as well as
Thailand Remember
visionary short where a tour in Thailand can magically relive even in the Big Apple)
…was only awarded for best in its category.screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-15-38-31
Here they are
please watch and enjoy!

This is me ,sourrended-by the beauty of the Teatro-Accademico dated1778

This is me, surrounded by the beauty of the Teatro Accademico, a masterpiece dated 1778

Another masterpiece by Sokurov at Spazio Oberdan Milan


A history of the Louvre during the Nazi occupation
and a meditation on the meaning and timelessness of art. 1225401_Francofonia

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Sokurov is one of the most internationally recognized Russian directors. His previous feature, Faust, collected the Golden Lion at Venice back in 2011.
FRANCOFONIA has been awarded by the FEDEORA jury as the Best European Film in Competition at the 2015 Venice International film festival.

At Spazio Oberdan in Milan
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Mr.Peck, an impeccable style


From April 29, 2016  to May 15, 2016
Milano MIC – Interactive Museum of Cinema presents,
retrospective that traces the extraordinary career of the star, 100 years after his birth, the unforgettable protagonist of great masterpieces such as Hitchcock‘s Spellbound , Huston‘s Moby Dick and
Wyiler’s Roman HolidayArabesque-700x350
Info, calendar and schedules at MIC 2bf15c6f-bead-4e6c-81ab-ee47c2fdcd9f


“Wonder is the salt of the earth” said the Artist who said ‘No’ to Mick Jagger

Forty four years have gone by since Escher’s death,
still today his art doesn’t show any sign of dating, qq2ojwLpbkIQrVmVC7PZ2CAgKBS1WsyLePNPsE-JD-0,dUlbBdRyTun_9FaNQdj43jQk21iWT1oIyaoH23TNgRoHe turns geometric research and rigour into the purest visionary aesthetics,  combines a range of different languages into a new and intriguing itinerary that represents a one off in the history of art across all ages and continues to thrill the wider public.content
A  super exhibit of the one of a kind artist who used to say that “Wonder is the salt of the earth”, is greatly hosted by the Palazzo Reale in Milan till January 22th, 2017.IMG_1524
Escher may be credited with broadening the imagination of those who gaze at or have gazed at his works, where everything is connected: science,
nature, analytical rigour and a contemplative quality.66KWHd4PrCxNXuu2wD7XhFg60cfQUlWMi-jy5RAI9Dg-1
The ‘Escher like’ world today
Escher’s art left the confines of the studio and was transformed into gift boxes, postage stamps and greeting cards; it entered the world of comics and ended up on the LP sleeves of famous bands like Pink Floyd; and his impossible structures are used to allude to paradoxical situations or to astonish people with unrealizable constructions. Echoes of engravings (such as Relativity or House of Stairs) are to be found in the whirling stairs which lead Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons to get lost in an Escher like world.17_pink_floyd_on_the_run
Escheriansettings have been used in commercials like the one for Audi in 2007, based on the famous print Waterfall Hand with Reflecting Sphere Other World and Belvedere
were used by Illy Caffè for a 2006 advertising. A scene in the fantasy film
Labyrinth (1986), starring David Bowie and produced by George Lucas, is built around House of Stairs. Even the famous staircases at Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter saga, are a
dynamic transposition of this work, which also inspired one of the most striking scenes from Night at the Museum 3 and a Sky commercial.06QAmArvgyDFcev1Ftjm5Mno4-nUNJv0dR3BqA0W7Vo
And what about that rumor that Escher refused to work or have his work
used by Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones?
Absolutely true.
On January 1, 1969, Mick Jagger, a big Escher fan, wrote a letter asking the Artist to provide an image for the Stones’ second volume of greatest hits. Well…turns out Escher was NOT a Stones fan, apparently preferred Bach and… the English rock band
Mott the Hoople, which could use a colorized versionof “Reptiles”
on their self-titled debut album in 1969.
No photo except the designated areas, where games of illusions optical dreams and mirrored mirages, will definitely catch you. Impossible not to selfie…IMG_1536IMG_1532

Escher exhibit will hypnotize you with
the images an Artist who said
‘My work is a game, , a very serious game’IMG_1528
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The Swan Lake at La Scala. A classical tribute to the genius of Petipa and Ivanov

cxhLxMilan, Teatro alla Scala.
Last night I indulged in a dream.
The Scala Ballet Company was performing
a very classical Swan Lake,
as a tribute to the genius of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov,
the original creators of the choreography of this masterpiece.

Marius Petipa

Petipa is considered the father of 19th-century Russian ballet.
His thoughts on all aspects of ballet – the dance technique and style, the music,
the structure, even the props used – became prevailing practices.


Lev Ivanov

For some Lev Ivanov is Petipa’s dependable assistant.
For others he is ballet’s unjustly ignored unsung genius, who transformed Swan Lake
into a very different ballet.

Director Alexei Ratmansky created a new version respectful of Petipa style and intentions. Nicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko e il corpo di ballo ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala .The Scala Orchestra, directed by Michail Jurowski, started
with some hesitations
then was able to carry the passion and the drama on the stage to a great finale. Nicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla ScalaNicoletta Manni in the principal roles of Odette/Odile showed an amazing amount of grace, power and technicality. (I was carefully counting the nearly perfect Odile’ s32 fouettés in Act 3) Timofej Andrijashenko as the Prince Siegfried, colored his role with athletic moves and an amazing dramatic interpretation. amy1dBravo to the female Ensemble that, in a challenging tour de force, spanned from being joyous courtesan to swans, to character figures from all over Europe, back to swans. The Spanish dance was a winner, thanks to the flamboyant Riccardo Massimi and Massimo Garon while Christian Fagetti as Benno performed a passionate pas de trois. Applause to the iconic Litte Swan, beautifully featured by Daniela Cavalleri, LusyMay Di Stefano ,Christelle Cennerelli, Agnese Di ClementeThe Ensemble Photo Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala I wasn’t so impressed by the Jerome Kaplan costumes.
In my opinion, the pastel palette worked great on the courtesans in the Act I, but I didn’t like the long-than-usual feathered tutus of the Swans, as well the ‘Cirque du Soleil-meets-Disneyland’ Hungarian look neither the Botticelli/Art Nouveau/Renaissance dresses of the ‘marry-me’ Ladies who kept fanatically fanning with their golden fans.Nicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko e il corpo di ballo ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla ScalaSwan Lake will perform till July 15th
The roles of Odette/Odile and Siegfried will be played by
Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko,
Vittoria Valerio and Claudio Coviello,
Martina Arduino and Nicola Del FreoNicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala All photos by Brescia e Amisano-Teatro alla Scala
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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 18.51.10The set is simple: a banch, a red balloon, an elderly homeless woman who talks in grammelot alternating French, Italian, Milanese, English
Her stories are real or false…It doesn’t matter. I loved the rewinding of the tape of past events by mixing truth and fiction, the life of the living and the dead, until the present.
The still elegant Bag Lady brings out moments life, carrier, travels, lovers, not to mention a  very persona interpretation of the every single sign of the horoscope according to his penis…The 70 minutes monologue of Je Me fut is brilliantly performed by Rosalina Neri, notorious back in the 50′ and 60’as the Italian bombshell Marylln Monroe lookalike.Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 18.49.42
Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 18.49.32









Neri, a former renowned opera soprano , sings and tells stories through vivid song such as Hymme à l’amour,  Autumn Leaves, Ma Mi (a traditional milanese song, probably her best performance) among any others, with the help of  the talented Nicola Nastos at the keyboard.
I found a little static the direction, signed by Cristina Pezzoli who co-wrote the piece, and did’t frame the emotional temper of the Diva. Lights and coreography (or any moves that the still flamoyant Diva could have done) are none.h22ome-650x319Applauses and emotions, starting from a tender Rosalina’s tier..

At Teatro Franco Parenti till June 26 Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 18.49.59



lukas.jpgFirst Italian date for Lukas Graham Band at Carroponte Center, Milan.
I was surprise to see not a big crowd , but made the concert even more intimate , colloquial and definitely grand. Lukas loves to talk to the public, to entertain, to be cool. “This is our first concert in Italy and the first one not sold out, but that’s ok , we ‘ll love to play for you, we would like to thank you for coming .Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 00.50.10” A humble, gentle friendly performer, who like to talk of family, memories, personal stories, dreams, food and to cheer with a drink.The band, an amazing voice and , of course. There is a great companionship between Lukas and his band, drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, keyboardist Kasper Daugaard and a great session of saxophone and trumpets that brings to stage rhythm n blues atmosphere.lukas-graham-652x367Many hits, starting from the opening Better Than Yourself that echoes Beethoven’s Sonata au clair de lune , Welcome to my funeral, Strip no more, Mama said, 
We love Italy , probably the one country in the world where you have lunch…before working. We love to see the main church in the city we play in. So far the Cathedrals in Milan and Colone are our favorite, but hey, tomorrow will be in Rome…His love for father Eugene whom Lukas describes as My father. My mentor. My best friend became a strong reference like in Don’t you worry about me , You are not there and the super famous
7 Years, one the most beautiful song of the season, that I would not be surprised ( and I wish) to see it crowned as Best Song of The Year in the next Grammy Awards.Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 00.54.20

Lukas Graham will play shows across the globe through the summer
reaching Europe, the USA and Australia
Tonight Rome at Rock in Roma , Via Appia Nuova, 1245
Here the next shows in Europe


The Three Penny Opera at the legendary Piccolo Teatro Strehler of Milano

This is the year of Brechtian celebrations, Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.48.14The legendary Piccolo Teatro Strehler of Milano hosts a new production of
The Three Penny Opera. Twenty actors, a superb staging and lighting, a full symphony orchestra and the clever direction of Damiano Michieletto an Italian opera director known for His innovative productions at several leading opera houses and festivals including his Olivier Award-winning production of Leoncavallo’s thrilling tragic opera of a violent jealousy.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.49.58The story (that Michieletto starts from the end) tells about Mackie Messer, notorious criminal (Marco Foschi) who marries Polly Peachum (Maria Roveran) without the permission of Peachum, the girl’s father, (Peppe Servillo) the one who controls all the London’s beggars, here turned into migrants in orange life jackets and suggesting a mass drowning tragedy.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.49.11 Eventually Mackie manages to get a conviction but shortly before the execution, a Queen’s Messenger grace the accused and awarded him the title of baronet.  I love to mention  the amazing staging of Jenny’s song sung by the incomparable Almodovar’s muse
Rossy De Palma surrounded by male hands.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.06.56 A great ensemble of young actors not to mention the perfect harmony between sounds and visual, thanks to the Sets by Paolo Fantin, costumes by Carla Teti, lighting by Alessandro Carletti, choreography by Chiara Vecchi and the Orchestra Sinfonica of Milano Giuseppe Verdi conducted by Giuseppe Grazioli.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.48.37At Piccolo Teatro of Milano till June 11.
For tickets and info Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.04.21


YESTERDAY AND TODAYScreen Shot 2016-06-01 at 22.59.16The first Italian debut took place in 1980 at Barclays Teatro Nazionale in Milan. After 35 years, the theater has hosted the world premiere of Momix FOREVER, Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 22.59.08

spectacular collage of choreographed by Moses Pendleton, the charismatic creator of the company. The show is not only a retrospective of famous pieces, but also the presentation of four new creations that Moses was able to enter into a continuous environment in which every new piece depends on the previous one and is linked to the one that follows it. Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 22.59.03“I like to share my day at the fixed time, where industry long walks during which I take pictures and inspirations, photographer, tour videos, record my thoughts and my emotions” momix“My mind needs precise timing to channel the emotions and suggestions of what I see. It ‘s like walking into a museum that presents a different work every day, something new that affects us immediately the attention and that, almost an alchemical process turns into a choreographic movement.

Momix, en los Teatros del Canal.

Momix, en los Teatros del Canal.

“” I’m looking, I explore, suddenly metaphors, stirring moving objects and creating new elements in the bodies of my dancers involved in elaborate choreographies that require a perfect physical and great athleticism ‘ DSC_4416rid“” my muse is nature. In Italy, for example, the beautiful fields of flowers in Tuscany and the peaks of the Dolomites “


400 years ago…Did Shakespeare love the Circus?

MSNC_1Midsummer Night’s Circus a new musical written by Tobias Rossi and Simone Nardini with music and lyrics by Antonio Torella
accurately directed by Marco Bellocchio and inspired to
Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream.MSNC_44Like in Pippin or the new version of Godspell, the action takes place in a circus,
where elves, clowns, acrobats all together celebrate the circus life, spiced up from a brilliant cast of over forty performers, including young talents and hot stars
such as Michel Altieri (in the role of Oberon) Pietro Pignatelli (Aegean),
Giovanni Abbracciamento
(Lysander), and a great Titania
played by Simona Samarelli
MSNCShakespeare, Circus, Music, Colors, and an enthusiastic cast …
all work for this lovely version of a masterpiece, that probably Sir William himself may like.
May 13,14 at the Teatro della Luna of Assago



United to Dance equals Dance to Unite

Dance to Unite
One Way or Another
featuring live music from Debbie Harry.dbDance to Unite, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use dance as a vehicle to teach and to celebrate cultural diversity.The evening will be a celebration of artistic excellence and cultural diversity to benefit Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 18.15.14Dance to Unite’s expanding free after-school dance and education programs.  This year, Dance to Unite proudly honors Jenny Morgenthau, who recently retired after 32 years as the Executive Director of the Fresh Air Fund.  As part of the celebration, students of Dance to Unite will perform to music icon and Blondie lead singer, Debbie’s biggest hits live.
Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 6pm at The World School Chelsea, 259 Tenth Avenue, NYC,

A swan lake…like you never saw before

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.51.04Put together the “Swan Song ” a vaudeville by Chekhov about an old actor in a
theatre after the lights go out, the eternal music of Tchaikovsky,
the genially irreverent choreography and direction by Fabrizio Monteverde
and a bunch of older, aching, curved dancers who want to live one more time the tragic love story
of Prince Siegfried and Odette/Odile. 14568The result is an amazing new version of one of the most celebrated ballet in the history The Swan Lake,
this time retitled Il Lago dei Cigni ovvero il Canto.Lago-dei-Cigni-02-1030x686 A contemporary ballet that ancient dancers remember and recreate with enormous love and pain.
From an amazing opening with all the dancers/swans lied down on ground covered with colored
cloths of the scene, while only their raised arms are moving as swan necks to the Odette’s
solo, first pure purity and then more and more disjointed and bloodless revealing physical stress and despair to an intense finale where topless Odette frees her body and her beauty to revive the lost youth.anteprima_20150119010513-1030x688Soloists  Roberta De Simone, Claudia Vecchi, Luca Pannacci and Siro Guglielmi, among all the artists of the Balletto di Roma certainly know how give to the audience some emotional, intense, unforgettable moments.
At Teatro Carcano till April 30thLago-dei-Cigni-03-1030x579