live Cavalleria and Pagliacci…not to be missed

Thursday, December 10th. It will be an amazing night for opera lovers.
It will happen in one of The Space Cinema, a  great chain of movie theaters                      all over the Italian territory, hosting two long waited live performances                                 from London Royal Opera House.
CAValleria P
I am talking off Mascani’s Cavalleria Rusticana and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, two short works, each recognized as the masterpiece of its composer, are presented together in a new production of the award-winning Damiano Michieletto.marchiello dirige
Exaggerated and cheeky, tender and inventive, energetic and ironic: 40 years old Michieletto is considered the richest talent of Italian directors, who come and go between lyrical and dramatic theater.
The two masterpieces, set up as Sergio Leone westerns, will reveal their western soul.
The event, hosted by Director of The Royal Opera Kasper Holten, will see Damiano, the great sopranos Carmen Giannattasio and Eva-Maria Westbroek,                               his superb cast and the amazing production team         croc
explore the production, the tradition of verismo opera and why composers such as Mascagni and Leoncavallo chose to write gritty operas about real life as opposed to romantic fantasies.

To know the all venues and for more info



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