Milan.: MIC celebrates the great Federico

From 7 to 18 January 2020 at the MIC – Interactive Cinema Museum.
A century after its birth and sixty years after the release of La Dolce vita, the Cineteca Italiana Foundation pays homage to the great master Federico Fellini with an exhibition dedicated to him, Do you remember Federico? fA rich proposal that wants to celebrate not only the director but also the man who talks about himself without masks. To this end, the festival offers its most famous and exclusive documentaries in which Fellini tells about himself and his poetics, capable of revolutionizing Italian cinema and making it famous internationally.
The exhibition is designed to combine in a single great tribute to the Director and to explore the poetry of Fellini and to understand the great contribution he has been able to give to the history of cinema. Among the documentaries proposed in the review, Ciao Federico! by director Gideon Bachmann, who will open the review on Tuesday 7 January at 3pm, a film capable of capturing the magical atmosphere of the glittering set of the Satyricon, in the only truly complete and rich backstage on Federico Fellini’s way of working.
The irony, the boundless creativity, the brilliant intuitions emerge in a unique atmosphere that has fallen over the time. A wise work of alternation between archive material and interviews that tells a salient moment in the director’s career, in which he seems to be looking for new artistic paths.
Following, at 17, FMM: Fellini, Mastroianni, Masina – Interviews on the set of Ginger and Fred, another work by the director Gideon Bachmann in which Giulietta Masina first and Federico Fellini with Marcello Mastroianni then, open to the director in telling the production of the film that sees them reunited after many years. The mutual expectations and ambitions emerge, as well as the general sense of the project in the precise historical moment.
At 8.30 pm we continue with Fellini Fine Mai documentary presented at the 76th Venice International Film Festival for Venice Classics, in which the director Eugenio Cappuccio personally tells Fellini who lives again through the power of the images, sounds and photographs kept by Rai Teche: fragments of life and poetry of cinema, often unknown, and revealed by those who have had the good fortune to work with him. For the occasion, the director Eugenio Cappuccio will be present in the room for a meeting with the public.
On Friday 10 January at 3pm Fellinikon will be screened, a rhythmic and eccentric editing film of images captured from the Satyricon set: the preparation and filming of some scenes with different director’s commentary inserts. Another contribution by director Gideon Bachmann, in continuity with what has been done in Ciao Federico! to the re-discovery of Fellini’s genius in action.
Saturday 11 January at 3pm another great documentary interview: Fellini: I am a great liar by the Canadian director Damian Pettigrew, a biographical story by Federico Fellini, a year before the director’s death, which traces his entire career revealing that he was above all a talented “liar”. An exciting journey full of testimonies from friends, technicians and actors, archive images, scenes cut and never seen by his most famous films and extracts of recently restored films.
The occasion also offers nine of his timeless works, some of which are awarded the Oscar: La Strada, Rome, I vitelloni, Amarcord, Fellini Satyricon, La Dolce vita, 8 ½, Giulietta degli Spiriti, The nights of Cabiria . A selection of the absolutely unmissable works both for those who love the great director and for the younger ones who want to know their poetics.
To complete the review, Sunday 12 January at 17, a meeting with a projection of the anthropological docufilm by Lorenzo Bassi and Franco Longobardi Fellineide: a fascinating and amusing excursus on the director Federico Fellini in which two of the main crossroads of his unmistakable style will be explored, the paradoxical and evocative characterization of the human fauna that has constantly populated his works, and the taste for the grotesque and the scratchy satire. Franco Longobardi meets the audience.
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