Here it comes again. The magic world of Mummenschanz hypnotizes one more time.
The group of four mimes debuted last night at Teatro Carcano in Milan, Italy.
Despite some technical issues, the show captured the audience, as usual.
The performance started with two huge hands Mummthat opened the curtain, flirted with the audience and finally met each other to give the green light to the 80 minutes show, that boasts some Mummenschanz favorite moments and features some new numbers.
In a totally black stage the group of four mimes, bring to life an extraordinary variety of imaginary creatures who fight, love, care, have fun and …reach.mumm 3There is often a destination to land on, a goal to finalize, a mission to persue in the those creatures world. Like the paper toilet couple (she is in pink, he is in blue) mumm2that seams to flirt, or the funny Pac Man lookalike who finally reach the top of a table. mumm 4

Searching, and reaching, a comfort zone, either they are flying or folding their bodies. One of the best moments is the classic encounter between two masked creatures, which keep changing their plastic faces, in a never ending metamorphosis, transforming themselves into animals and humans.

The company will tour around the world. Lots of dates in Italy and Usa,
Check Mummenschanz international tour at
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