The unstoppable Italian PRISCILLA, the musical.

Priscilla1You know the story: two drag queens and a transgender woman travel and make trouble in the Australian desert on board of the Priscilla bus.
The  cult movie became a musical performed all over the world.
From London West End to Broadway, the “Priscillamania” invaded Brazil, Stockholm, Greece, The Philippines, and Spain, just to mention few.
I have to say that the most glamorous Priscilla event was the one held in Milan, Italy.
It started in an amazing tent, build for the occasion at Fabbrica del Vapore, pr2 copyprisc cd copy
featuring not only a great stage, but also many vendors selling Priscilla memorabilia,make up, boas, wigs, games and much more, Not to mention the irresistible “stick your head” posters pr 4that transform audience into a funny Priscilla look alike.

Audience used to go before the show to have fun and stay after to get familiar with the cast in their dressing rooms. Priscilla success was unstoppable, after four months of sold out performances, it moved to Teatro Arcimboldi, the younger brother of legendary Teatro alla Scala, then celebrated the EXPO 2015 from June to October at the historical Teatro Manzoni in Milan, Priscilla-dressed up for the occasion, serving a yummy hoers d’oeuvres “happy hour”. Resident Director Matteo Gastaldo and resident music supervisor Fabio Serri conduct a stellar cast, featuring great performers, starting the three “primadonnas“ Cristian Ruiz (in the double role of Tick and Mitzi), who studied at NY Movie Center and Beatrice Bracco school in Rome and worked with acclaimed choreographer such as Debbie Allen and Susan Stroman. Marco D’Alberti (who plays Bernadette), an eclectic performer who’s carrier spans from dancing at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza and Teatro Alla Scala ballet schools, to singing acting and modern dancing. Finally the acrobatic Riccardo Sinisi, he is only 23 years old and already the…“veteran” of the show, since he debuted as Adam (among as the flamboyant, adorable Felicia) in the first Priscilla tour, back in 2013. The show boasts more than 500 costumes originally created by Oscar winners Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner, a new number where the audience is invited to perform on stage , and of course…the Bus Priscilla.
pr 1 copy
I told you, this musical would not stop.
More shows are scheduled at Teatro Brancaccio in Rome and Teatro Coccia in Novara.
To know more about the Italian Priscilla tour

That's me as a patriotic

That’s me as a patriotic Priscilla…lol

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