There are several legends about the birth of the milanese panettone.
The most common dates back to the 1476. It tells of Ugo, a young falconer
who worked for Ludovico il Moro, the Duke of Milan.


The boy was secretly in love with Adalgisa, daughter of Toni, the most popular baker in Milan. To spend more time with her, Ugo managed to become a pastry cook apprentice. Christmas was coming, and Ugo wanted to give a twist to the usual bread.He sweetened up the dough, adding sugar, butter, eggs, raisins and chopped candied fruits, then he cooked and shaped it like a giant muffin.

The novelty instantly became the talk of the town. Everybody wanted the new Toni’s bread (pan de Toni) soon named panettone.

The history goes on
After centuries, the panettone is still the delicious centerpiece at many festive tables,
In 1930, two well-known patisserie masters, Mr. Agostino Panigada and Mr. Giovanni Cova came together to create their first workshop in Viale Nurzia in Milan. Here the real “Panetun di Milan” was born.
Traditional Panettone generously filled with  raisins and candied fruit peel (including a lot of squared oranges that I love) The “Milanese” pound (Libbra) is an ancient unit of measurement of Northern Italy – it corresponds to 1120 grams. Breramilano. have adopted this peculiarity to highlight the prestigious “Milano” line, where the combination between taste and art reaches the most impressive outcome. This line, called BreraMilano1930 (now widely distributed in the US)  is characterized by making use of a special paper, rough to the touch, that takes its stylistic inspiration from their original 1930s collections.  Breramilano produces superior quality confections particularly their Panettone and Pandoro which are known as the undoubted symbols of Milanese confectionary art all over the world. For this company, remembering and respecting the past means keeping alive the ancient confectionary art traditions, respecting old recipes and checking every single ingredient for quality. Their aim is to keep alive the flavors of the past as time goes by.
Finally, like in the old times, this panettone is rigorously hand
wrapped exactly like they use to do in the old Milan …Foto. Cesare Zucca






In on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of  extraordinary composer and good food lover  Gioachino Rossini,, the prestigious Milan pastry shop Giovanni Cova & C,  also distributed in the US under the label Brera Milano 1930,  pays homage to him, dedicating his panettone to his works. Renewed collaboration with Archivio Storico Ricordi also for next Christmas-2018.  The idea of ​​celebrating the 150th anniversary of the death of Maestro Gioachino Rossini stems from the meeting of Giovanni Cova & C., an icon of craftsmanship in the Milanese patisserie, and the Archivio Storico Ricordi, custodian of the works of the greatest Masters of Melodrama , and represents the opportunity to continue the cultural journey that unites music with Italian confectionery excellence. The Ricordi Historical Archive is the most important private music collection in the world. Here are preserved the immortal musical works of great artists who have left an indelible mark on the musical culture. The Archive, founded in 1808, is the historical memory of the musical publisher Ricordi, acquired in 1994 by the German multinational Bertelsmann, which has since guaranteed its conservation and cultural development. Its prestige lies in the variety of preserved documents, which offer a complete view of Italian culture, industry and society. Hosted at the Palazzo di Brera in Milan, the Archive collects scores, letters of composers, librettists and singers, sketches and sketches, booklets

vintage photos and Art Nouveau posters. A sweet tribute to the most famous Italian opera Composers, such as Donizetti, Respighi, Toscanini, the incomparable Paganini, or the great Rossini of which this year is the 150th from hid death ,
To enrich the Ricordi Line the 2018 cake will be dedicated Rossini with the Panettone GranCioccolato (Grand Chocolate) covered with lozenges of dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts and enriched with thick drops of dark chocolate, greedy in the recipe and precious in the wrap wanted for the occasion with the reproduction of the autograph score of the work L’Italiana in Algiers of Maestro Gioachino Rossini honored in his 150th anniversary also in the famous portrait of Vespasiano Bignami.

Grand Chocolate
joins the range to offer to all the greedy of the magic ingredient an unparalleled combination capable of mixing the acidulous tones sourced from the yeast with the
moderate bitterness of a fondant 47% rounded in closing by the fragrant taste of butter. A cake devoted to a scrupulous selection and combination of first-class ingredients, from the first milk-processing centrifuge butter that arrives weekly from Northern Europe to strictly fresh eggs, from the flour mix selected in 80 years of mother yeast able to make the difference on a processing process of about 72 hours from the first delivery to the finished product. The hand wrapping gives an emotion capable of embellishing the Christmas table with an ode to the most extraordinary Italian musical culture, to be savored by capturing the aromas, for an experience of the five senses.

I tasted it, I loved it!

For more info
Panettone Grand Cioccolato
by Giovanni Cova & C
distributed in the US under the label Brera Milano 1930

Christmas panettone is served…with a twist

On the occasion of the upcoming holiday season Fraccaro Panettone al Radicchio Rosso di Treviso IGP. This cake is made with traditional recipes, sourdough, enriched with that delicious red chicory typical of the Treviso territory.  img_0814The ingredients are few and simple, but the balance of the manufacturing processes is complex and delicate. The typical bitter taste, is rendered less intense from seeds candied process that transforms this “winter flower” to a perfect cake to be combined with the soft dough. The careful selection of raw materials and of the Veneto region, the creation of flavors and forms, the experience of people who paste and firing, make this panettone really unique, as well as unusual.

img_0714A healthy lifestyle starts with a wholesome diet. Fraccaro created  a completely organic patisserie line: Pasticceria Fraccaro BIO,
a line of products designed for anybody looking for quality, for those loves nature and do not want to give up the pleasure of patisserie.
The pursuit of quality is clearly shown in the selection of completely natural, organic and pesticide-free raw materials, the absence of coloring agents and preservatives and, finally, by the use of a special sourdough, which is employed in all the panettone BIO line

All the goodness of this XMas cake combined with another outstanding product of the Veneto region, the “Grappa Riserva” di Villa de Varda, screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-19-48-25
produced by Mezzolombardo, the legendary company near in the province of Trento.
This blend of authentic, top quality products has given rise to a delicately spongy panettone with a creamy grappa filling with a warming, intriguing flavour.

Finally a sparkling
new love stoy…
The most festive Fraccaro panettone meets his excellency “Prosecco d.o.c.g.”,
the celebrated wine of Valdobbiadene area. It is a fundamental ingredient
both in the dough and the filling.



a “drunky” panettone!

Meet Diana Zerilli, promoter, food events creator and wine connoisseur.d zerilli

Among his biggest hits, Eatingfrienship & Wines, tasting of Tuscan wines of Mormoraia Bocale held in Hong Kong in 2014. Specialist in relations between the producers of Italian wine, olive oil and homemade pasta with foreing markets including New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, among others.

As a writer, Diana published “I messaggi della buonanotte”, liro
a book about friendship and maternal love,
entirely made through a text messages collection.


Diana just released a new book out called “21 grammi” a collection of dishes that combine food to selected Tuscany wines. cover150x250

IMG_8163 copy

For the Holidays, Diana created one of a kind Vernaccia Panettone, the traditional Christmas cake, enriched by a generous quantity of raisins that have been macerated in the S.Giminiano Mormoraia Vernaccia white wine, to enhance the cake fragrance.Panettone vernaccia 2



Available by order at zerillisommelier@Gmail.com
or at the five5Senses Store,
located inside the Barclays Teatro Nazionale in Milan.



It’s Xmas time ! Here comes Bing Crosby singing the magic
“I am dreaming of a White Christmas”Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.44.00
This year Massimo Grazioli, fanciful pastry Chef from Legnano Lombardy, made a twist to the lyrics of the most popular Xmas song and to the filling of most popular Italian Xmas cake, a delicious sweet bread called panettone.IMG_8257 
Grazioli’s panettone is amazingly tender, soft, juicy, fragrant and generously filled up with raspberries and …wild strawberries. fragolina di bosco

Massimo Grazioli lab and store are located in Via Rossini 15, Legnano.
Check www.panificiograzioli.it