a “drunky” panettone!

Meet Diana Zerilli, promoter, food events creator and wine connoisseur.d zerilli

Among his biggest hits, Eatingfrienship & Wines, tasting of Tuscan wines of Mormoraia Bocale held in Hong Kong in 2014. Specialist in relations between the producers of Italian wine, olive oil and homemade pasta with foreing markets including New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, among others.

As a writer, Diana published “I messaggi della buonanotte”, liro
a book about friendship and maternal love,
entirely made through a text messages collection.


Diana just released a new book out called “21 grammi” a collection of dishes that combine food to selected Tuscany wines. cover150x250

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For the Holidays, Diana created one of a kind Vernaccia Panettone, the traditional Christmas cake, enriched by a generous quantity of raisins that have been macerated in the S.Giminiano Mormoraia Vernaccia white wine, to enhance the cake fragrance.Panettone vernaccia 2



Available by order at zerillisommelier@Gmail.com
or at the five5Senses Store,
located inside the Barclays Teatro Nazionale in Milan.