Today I am taking you to Germany, in the heart of Saxony, where you will discover Dresden, a jewel of medieval origins, lying on the banks of the Elbe River. A city whose architectural beauties, splendid views and romantic views made the Italian painter Bernardo Bellotto fall in love, also known as Canaletto who lived there and painted it.

Wonders of history, art and … cuisine, washed down with excellent local wine and enlivened by quarkkäulchen, the most traditional Saxon sweets.
Ready for the trip? Let’s go ...

The Zwinger, a spectacular architectural complex in Baroque style, a triumph of fountains, swimming pools, sculptures and museums.
– Porzellansammlung (Porcelain Collection)
– Hall of Arms

.Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, a gallery full of masterpieces by Mantegna, Tintoretto, Velàzquez, Dürer, Titian, Rembrandt and many other masters of European art of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The most famous painting in the gallery is the Sistine Madonna by Raphael (1512-1513), at the feet of which the two famous thoughtful angels stare.

–The Cathedral and the Clock Tower
– Frauenkirche church
– Brühlsche Terrasse
– Neustadt (New Town)
– Kunsthofpassage, Funnel Wall and many trendy cafes
– Semperoper (Opera House)
– Furstenzug (The procession of the Knights) 102-meter mosaic on the wall of the Royal Palace,

Where to drink the excellent Saxon wines

Numerous wine bars in the city, including Lingner Terrassen, Lutz Müller, while in nearby Radebeul you con find Karl Friedrich Aust, Drei Herren, Hoflössnitz and the splendid vineyard of Castello Wackerbarth which produces one of my favorite whites: the Golden Riesling vintage 2019.

Greedy for chocolate?
Your paradise is called Camondas and awaits you with a sensational collection of various pralines and chocolates. There is even the Chocolate Museum which collects unpredictable molds for very sweet creations.
Camondas and the chocolate museum

Genuss Atelier
Green restaurants. Local products and particular attention to sustainability

The irresistible quarkkäulchen!
Who writes them with ‘and’ who with ‘ä’, who says that the original recipe includes quark cheese, from which they take their name, who instead claims that the main ingredient is ricotta … It’s a thousand-year dispute … I’m talking about quarkkäulchen. A kind of pancakes made with potatoes, eggs, cheese, raisins, sugar and a twist of orange peel, strictly served with apple purée.

Where to eat them?
Discover Pfund’s Molkerei, a historic Neo-Renaissance-style dairy, dated 1880,
A magical place, covered with tiles painted with bucolic scenes, and full of fine cheeses.
Not to be missed!

I stayed in the Am Terrassenufer hotel, very close to the Castle. Comfortable, welcoming, excellent breakfast and spectacular sunset views over the city spiers the amazing sunset over the City.

Benvenuti a Dresda!
Visit Dresden FB

Text and Photos by Cesare Zucca
Special thanks to Christoph e Eileen www.marketing.dresden.de

Travel, food, wine & lifestyle.
Milanese by birth, lives between NY, Milan and the rest of the world. Cesare photographs and narrates cities, cultures, lifestyles, top chefs, and discovers traditional and innovative gastronomic delights  to tell you everything here, in his non-touristy style.

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