Are you a dessert-maniac ? Here is a place for you.

In Berlin, the exclusive CODA (2 Michelin Stars) is the talk of the town for its ‘dinner-dessert’,where  the courses are ALL desserts!A unique and new experience, even for me. Each dish is accompanied by a wine-liqueur-drink. Chef Renè Frank has created a menu, which draws inspiration from Iraqi cuisine with international twists here and there.
It starts with a yellow tomato with chickpeas and lemon, followed by a watermelon dessert. with Taggiasca olives and seaweed, to continue with a yogurt and soy milk waffle with kiwi and raspberry,
The palate investigates… the senses approve There is even a grilled fig with a Piedmont hazelnut sauce and …. anchovy

Amazing how ingredients so different from each other are surprisingly matching in a  daring yet delicious marriage between sweet and savory.THE INTERVIEW

When did you get this idea?
Four years ago. At first we just wanted to make a bar specializing in sweets of excellent quality and moderate prices. Then the neighborhood evolved and CODA became a restaurant with a menu that includes only desserts, from appetizers … to coffee. We were inspired by the term ‘coda’ intended as the musical coda which is practically the end of a composition, just as dessert is generally served at the end of a dinner. We give a lot of importance to the body’s reaction to a specific food, almost a medical research. After a dinner with us you will leave satisfied, well fed, not too ‘sugaryish’, nor drunk.
First memory face to face with a dessert?
When I was curious about my grandmother Liselotte while she was making her strudel.
I was so fascinated by her that I wanted to help her roll out the dough. but … I was too small to get to the kitchen counter and I had to get on a stool ….
When did you decide to dedicate yourself to catering?
From an early age, I have always said to myself ‘when I grow up I will be a cook or a police commissioner …’
Let’s talk about weekends. Where do you like to spend one?
Finally home, with my girlfriend and cooking, which doesn’t happen often.
I would cook something very simple and basic also because the oddities and the most unusual solutions … I leave them to CODA!



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