A very special dinner for a very special book

"AT THE TABLE WITH FELLINI" by Maddalena Fellini

“AT THE TABLE WITH FELLINI” by Maddalena Fellini

Met Restaurant at magnificent Hotel Metropole in Venice will held a tribute to the legendary Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini in occasion of the presentation of “At the Table with Fellini, Oscar recipes by his sister Maddalena”   fellini-a-tavola   a book-collection of the most delicious dishes usually at the table of the great director, enriched by pictures from the Family Fellini’s album. A voyage through memories, habits, little rituals and simple gestures in the kitchen little rituals, from Mom dumplings to the classic                        home-made pasta ragout


Fellini was a man who liked simple yet generous dishes, exactly like his bosomy actresses. So   get ready to taste one of the hits of the night: a succulent capon stuffed with stuffed zucchini!

anita trevi

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