Are you always afraid that your luggage could be damaged during the trip?                      Do you hate bad surprises at the baggage claim?

Well, the solution is simple: buy a NEW suitcase ALREADY damaged!                           Two venetian designers created Crash Baggage www.crashbaggage.com bags that are born already “bruised” as if those who load the luggage had no pity. They are in three different sizes and many colors: red, yellow, blue, gray, black and a trendy military green. They are light weight (the trolley is less than two pounds). The unfortunate bags are battered outside but inside they are really “traditional ” with several pockets for documents and toiletry items.
So why should you worry about any possible damage, since your luggage is already damaged? Enjoy the trip, the new slogan is “Please handle without care”
Check my post in Traveller. Guarda il mio post su Traveller                           http://www.vanityfair.it/viaggi-traveller/notizie-viaggio/news/13/08/27/crash-baggage-la-valigia-anti-ammaccatura-da-portare-in-aereo                                               

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