Prosecco Follador 1769… on the road

The special Truck dedicated exclusively to sparkling wines, signed by Follador Prosecco dal 1769 and conceived by Massimo Morelli with Nicolò Barbisotti, is on tour!
Fun and a desire for lightheartedness will be the common thread of the journey in stages destined for the major Italian Street Food Festivals, where you can taste the spearheads of the historic Venetian company.
Among the main proposals are Cru Torri di Credazzo, DOCG Extra BrutXzero, DOCG BrutNani dei Berti and Prosecco DOC RoséLaelia, accompanied by delicacies studied ad hoc to enhance their aromatic characteristics. All paired with great gastronomic proprosals

I choose a refined sparking Valdobbiadene prosecco:
the Cru “Torri di Credazzo”MILLESIMATO EXTRA DRY-
Brilliant straw yellow with greenish reflections. Very fine and persistent perlage.
Elegant to the nose, with hints of apple, peach and rose petals. Excellent aperitif and with fish-based first courses and seafood

The magnificent Torri di Credazzo PATRIMONIO UNESCO and may fav Prosecco

Here when to find the “Follador Food Truck“and its gourmet proposals
Marina di Massa (9-11 August)
Comeriodi Busto Arsizio Park (3-5 September)
Sesto San Giovanni Crane Bridge (24-26 September) ).

Prosecco is on the way!

Follador Prosecco dal 1769
Sparklin’ Wines on the raod


Iconic Federico Fellini’s Muse Sandra Milo and the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia were the guest of honor of the amazing harvest that happened few days ago (or I should say few nights ago)…) at the under the full moon celebration of the superb Sarah Dei Tos 2019 vintage of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG “Grappoli di Luna”.
Over two hundred guest, including entrepreneurs, journalists, wine and food bloggers, public administrators, gourmet enthusiasts and a delegation from Imoco Volley, the women’s volleyball team from Conegliano which plays in A1, gathered to celebrate the all-biological Night Harvest of the “La Vigna di Sarah” farm, in the hills of Prosecco UNESCO World Heritage Site in Cozzuolo di Vittorio Veneto.
The “twinning” with the viticulture of Ponza with the awarding of the prize “La Vigna di Sarah BIO for heroic agriculture” to the Antiche Cantine Migliaccio.
Vittorio Veneto. It took three years of “virtuous” farming practices, and a lot of determination, to reach the goal of the first totally organic Glera grape harvest, with which the 2019 vintage of Prosecco Superiore DOCG “Grappoli di Luna” Brut Millesimato, tip will be produced diamond from the sparkling wine collection of Sarah Dei Tos, a young wine entrepreneur, owner of the “La Vigna di Sarah” farm, in Cozzuolo di Vittorio Veneto (TV). Organic and bio farming is the basis of its production philosophy and it has confirmed it in the fifth edition of the Night Harvest, the first completely organic, the only initiative of its kind in the lands of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore appellation. On Friday 13 September the Col di Luna vineyards were crowded with “professional” and amateur harvesters, who harvested ripe grapes (healthy grapes at first glance) under the light of the full moon, the last of the summer, and at light of the great white globes and of the powerful lighthouses that lit up the night of Cozzuolo.    Another highlight of the party was the presentation of the third prize “La Vigna di Sarah BIO for heroic agriculture”, awarded to the Antiche Cantine Migliaccio of Ponza Island managed by Luciana Sabino, who along with her husband Emanuele Vittorio handed down a viticulture whose origin dates back to 1700. The governor of the Veneto region Luca Zaia commented on the important international commitments on which the Veneto Region bet, under his guidance: “When we left, I was the only one . We must believe in dreams “. And he recalled what was concretized in 2019: the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics and the Hills of Prosecco, a UNESCO heritage, “a result I chased for 10 years”
I would like to mention the welcoming Agriturismo di Sarah, a comfortable old colonial  bnb located in the farmhouse far only 40 minutes from Venice and 1 hour from Cortina d’Ampezzo, one of the most famous and prestigious village in Dolomiti Mountains. the farmhouse has a wonderful panorama: the view starts from Prosecco hills and arrives to Venice Lagoon. a great destination if you planning to visit this marvelous land.You will find And surprise… In addition to the cosy rooms, you can find some unique accommodations: three huge wooden wine barrels, perfect for an ‘ I love ‘ vacation.
To brighten up the party there were also the charm and friendliness of Sandra Milo, who recently published a book of her touching poetry ‘ Il Corpo e l’Anima’ (Body and Soul) about the power of love: “If I hadn’t loved so much, and if I didn’t love now, who knows if I’d still be alive,”, she said and dedicated a beautiful poem to Sarah that says:
 “Inebriating reliefs, like the dreams of men who know peace. From Mother Vine the grapes reach the vats and then to the barrels. The sparkling wine is victorious to the cups, to reach the mouths of those who make life their own values. The generous Moon approves, shining with pleasure. God smiles because he knows that what he has created is divine. and it is repeated on earth, in Sarah’s vineyard “.
The legendary actress was the godmother of the Night Harvest, distributing smiles, selfies, hugs, including my emotional one !  On the stage and among the vineyards also the youtuber Canal has arrived, presenting its new video “On the stage and among the vineyards also the A grape harvest begins you”. To crown the party, the “country” dinner on the lawn of the “La Vigna di Sarah” farmhouse, framed by the Prealps. Almost a rural “snack”, as tradition dictates in order to repay the fatigues of the grape harvesters: Ulysses’ salmon trouts, raised in Follina, in the version by chef Elia of the Mainor of Fregona; the rich table of Friulian cheeses from the Latteria di Aviano (PN), presented by Linda Del Ben, including ‘Modesto’ that literally has been sleeping wrapped in straw…Excellent 5 hours grilled meat by the Alpini group of Soligo; dishes and vegetables from the organic vineyard of Sarah’s Vineyard, cooked by the trattoria Larin da Bepo, the yummy Treviso soppressa with Mauro Pinel’s bread and pumpered by the extra virgin Istrian olive oil Mate produced by Aleksandra VekicAnd in the glasses the two wines of the Antiche Cantine Migliaccio, the Fieno and the Biancolella of Ponza IGP, and the Prosecco Superiore DOCG “La Vigna di Sarah”, for a sparkling goodbye to the Night Harvest 2020.Sarah Dei Tos, after this commitment, is now projected to the next event that will see it, together with other companies, protagonist of the event “The corporate culture of the lands of the Alpe Adria meets the Milan Wine Week“, the 7-8 -9 October at the Itlas Flagship Store in Milan.
Finally a well deserved ‘grazie’ to Sarah her beautiful team and the unstoppable PR Cristiana Sparvoli, who graciously invited me to be part of such a dream!INFO
La Vigna di Sarah



A Bottega Lounge Bar was inaugurated in Tokyo on the terrace of the Anchor Gate Hotel on 11 June. The property is located in Ginza, one of the most exclusive districts of the Japanese metropolis, reserved for shopping and sales outlets of the most sought-after brands. The refined and elegant space was set up with the aim of giving maximum visibility to Bottega Gold, the Prosecco Doc with its unmistakable bottle with golden livery, which has become in the world the incomparable standard-bearer and the reference point of the Treviso winery. The lounge bar card features, along with a selection of Bottega wines, also the Lemon Spritz cocktail that combines Prosecco and Limoncino, in the sign of Made in Italy and the contamination between Veneto and Sicily. Ginza, synonymous with sober elegance, is an area rich in history that dates back to the Edo period (1603-1867), The company is based in Bibano di Godega (TV), 50 km north of Venice, and has two other production facilities in Valpolicella and Montalcino. The range Today, along the main street there are many of the most well-known department stores in Tokyo that, along with high quality products, offer customers an equally appreciated service. Ginza is a kind of cultural laboratory of the whole of Japan, which continues to renew itself by transmitting in symbiotic connection with the evolution of deeds, the enthusiasm and ageless charm of Tokyo.
The presence of a Bottegalounge bar in Ginz helps to reinforce the image and the fame of the Treviso brand throughout Japan. Bottega S.p.A.Bottega S.p.A. it is at the same time a cellar and a distillery, which has a close-knit team of wine experts both in vinification and distillation. of products includes Prosecco and other well-known sparkling wines, the great red wines of Veneto and Tuscany, including Amarone and Brunello di Montalcino, the prized single-variety grappas, the distillates aged in barrique, the fruit-based liqueurs and cream. Founded in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, who had inherited from his grandfather the passion for the wine world, Bottega is a solid reality, which distributes its products in over 140 countries and is present in the most prestigious airport duty free shops in the world.