MASCHILE SINGOLARE ( Masculine Singular) gets 4****

A little sweet and cool Italian movie made in just three weeks!
Let’s meet Antonio (Giancarlo Commare) who just broke up with his husband, With the support of his longtime friend, Cristina (Michela Giraud), Antonio moves to flamboyant Denis (Eduardo Valdarnini) and , aways passionate about pastry, starts working in Luca (Gianmarco Saurino),

Maschile Singolare tells of that moment of disturbance, change and wonder in the life of completely ordinary characters,. a 100 ‘film in just three weeks
Excellent cinematograohy, great soundtruck …
Directors Matteo Pilati and Alessandro Guida have signed an invisible direction, to never let the viewer “feel” the camera, nothing that could distract him from the narration of Antonio’s story., A story that spans from drama to comedy , always keeping the attention of the reality of a young gay generation.

Excellent cinematograohy, great soundtruck, remarkable cast.
I enthusiastically award Maschile Singolare with 4 stars….

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