Finally open! Spazio Teatro No’hma, the engine of the theater of the future.

The Spazio Teatro No’hma, by its innovative nature, wants to be the crossroads between past and future, transforming a theater that tells about static realities, into theatrical experiences that involve spectators, bringing them into a “new reality”.

Spazio Teatro No’hma celebrated the re-opening (obviously with the security restrictions due to Covid) with hosting the company Teatro Musica Novecento presenting “Invitation to the opera with crime”, not a real opera concert, but rather a theatrical piece that alternates famous arias with famous opera duets linked together by an exhilarating script. It ranges from Rossini to Verdi, from Puccini and Mascagni for a journey into melodrama presented with irony and suspense.

5 actors-opera singers in a vaudeville like rendition of famous arias, as soundtrack for a thriller-comc- drama that reminded me the glorious time of the operetta, a end of a century quite popular genre that assembled music, gigs, acting.

On stage the primadonna soprano Livia Farnese as the great soprano Galina (obviuosly with a strong russian accent) then the waitress, diva-wanna-be Silvia Felisetti and the 3 men of the story Antonio Colamorea, Alessandro Brachetti, Maurizio Leoni At the piano: Stefano Giaroli

Dedicated to No’hma ‘s founder Teresa Pomodoro , a “Zen Garden”, has been recently opened in Milan, as a livable space to hang with friends, children or your faithful dog

Coming soon

Via Orcagna, 2, Milano

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