Meissen, Saxony, Germany . Discover the Meissner Fummel, the “flying sweet bread”

Welcome to Meissen. History, art, porcelain and a dessert that flies … 


Stadtmuseum This is the city museum, in the former church of a Franciscan monastery. Do not miss the large manual press dated 1788 or the last fishing boat on the Elbe river The Cathedral of 1400, of French-Gothic style, one of the most richly furnished and decorated Saxon churches. The perspective of the columns really looks like a neverending curtain.

Frauenkirche, make your way up to the spire (193 steps!) For a spectacular view of the city and to hear the Meissen porcelain bells. Albrechtsburg, a fairytale castle built in the Gothic style, overlooking the city of Meißen, in the land of Saxony, Germany.

Un bellissimo tramonto a Meissen

It is actually the porcelain, locally nicknamed “white gold”, one of the things that Saxony is best known for, being the first place in Europe to produce porcelain since the early 1700s. Two crossed blue swords will welcome you in the famous Manifattura di Meissen whose precious creations are famous all over the world. le cui preziose creazioni sono famose in tutto il mondo.

le meravigliose ceramiche di Meissen, per impreziosire la vostra tavola

At the end of the visit, do not miss the well-stocked gift shop, I’m sure you won’t resist the temptation to buy a souvenir.

piccoli souvenir in porcellana

The historic puffed sweet bread

Meissen’s historic sweet specialty is Meissner Fummel, whose origins date back to at least the 17th century. It is a pandolce with a very thin and extremely crumbly puff pastry, so fragile that it breaks at the slightest vibration.

‘bretzel’ salati e il tipico pane dolce soffiato

It has a rounded shape, empty inside, very light and extremely fragile. A real cloud! It has no specific flavor, so no appreciable nutritional value, however, with the addition of a sprinkle of powdered sugar it becomes a dessert, often paire to a good sweet wine.

Volete la ricetta? Eccola Curious about the recipe? here you go!


Meissner Fummel, Il dolce tipicodi Meissen. La dimensione è quella di una pagnotta sottile e friabile., vuota all’interno e riempita d’aria.

▢ 50 g of butter ▢ 1 egg yolk ▢ 100 g of flour ▢ 1 pinch of sugar ▢ salt ▢ 1 straw (not a joke)

▢ Put the flour on a work surface, mix well with the sugar and salt and then add the butter. ▢ Knead the dough well for about 10 minutes so that at the end it is elastic. ▢ Roll out the dough very thin. ▢ Brush one half with egg yolk and cover the other half. Press the edge firmly and flip the piece of dough to the other side. It is best to place everything on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. This is then spread to obtain two thin discs, on one of which, moistened with water or egg, is made to match the other by squeezing the edges well. ▢ At this point, use the straw, first to pierce the upper half of the dumpling, then to blow some air into it and inflate it slightly. ▢ Then put the gnocchi in the oven preheated to 240 degrees and bake for 3 minutes.

Manifattura Porcellane di Meissen
Meissen Tourism
Visit Meissen

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