I LEGNANESI…the funniest italian family on stage!

Herr they go again …. A new show from the funniest Italian Family .The theatrical company I Legnanesi was born in 1949, in an oratory of Legnano, led by late Felice Musazzi. The exclusively male nature of the company is due to an ancient ecclesiastical ban that prevented to women to act with men, so that women’s roles were interpreted by the same male actors in disguise, talking in the Legnanese dialect.
The company became famous and performed in mayor theaters, gaining great popularity and winning several awards. Musazzi died in 1989. The company, that went trough different casts, is still performing successfully. The man of the house is (or should be) Giovanni (Lorenzo Cordara) but is indeed his wife Teresa (Antonio Provasio, who is also co-writer and director) who runs the family. They have a flamboyant daughter, Mabilia (Enrico Dalceri) a not-so-young blond hairdresser, always looking to get married to a rich guy.

I saw their recent production, The Colombo Family …. and I canìt wait for the new show..

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 20.22.51The courts are celebrating the feast of Sant Ambrogio. Teresa with the help of friends and nuns, is preparing a festive re-act of the Passion, featuring Mabilia in the roule of the Virgin Mary “Just call her Mary, forget the Virgin” suggests Teresa.During the rehearsal Mabilia falls for a newcomer who plays Jesus Christ.Teresa starts with researches. The guy is actually the descendent of a wealthy family (totally inspired to the Addams) living in a remote villa. The Colombos decide to visit them and, through grotesque situations and campy gags, including in psychih session, to talk with a dead uncle who apparently hid a winning lotto ticket in the houseMy favorite line?
When Teresa tells Pina, a very short parent,  “Do not go out alone. The grass is high and we’ll not found you anymore”Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 20.22.20This company brings to the stage the stories, customs and traditions of Lombardy but is widely appreciated outside Lombardy, thanks to the modernization of the original texts , the usage of more of an Italian text and the choice of universal themes such as the family, the economic crisis, the neighborly relations and of course their love-hate relationship.Finally, Mabilia offers some great musical numbers, first with a tribute to the iconic italian musical diva Wanda Osiris, then as a flamboyant Cuban singer sourrended by colorfull young dancers, while in the grand finale: all actors show up as “men” in ” elegant tuxedos.Year 2020
Here we go again….
A TV movie debut:
The next ‘Legnanesi’ adventure is called ‘Non è natale senza panettone’ there is no Xmas without panettone cake’ which is the first movie they ever made.
Airing on December 16th in the Italian Channel Rete 4
Followed by a long tour in many Italian cities
Here more info on the tour and how to get tickets

Born in Milan, he lives in New York, Milan and the rest of the world.
Cesare likes to travel up and down America as well as spending time  in Italy and Europe.
For NTT, he photographs and tells about cities, cultures, lifestyles and discovers both traditional and innovative gastronomic delights, among interviewing top chefs from all over the world, “stealing” their recipes and  write everything here, in  a perfect non touristy tourist’ style..



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