Text and Photos by Cesare Zucca

Colomba di Pasqua is a traditional Italian Easter yeast bread. It is shaped like a dove (colomba in Italian), the symbol of peace and resurrection. The birth of the colomba dates back to the year 572, when King Alboin,after three years of siege, captured the town of Pavia in northern Italy on Easter Eve. Evading the  guards, an old baker was able to reach the king and offer a dove-shaped leavened bread. “Alboin,” he said, “I offer this symbol, as a tribute to peace, on Easter day.” The sweet scent and the convincing message persuaded the king to give a promise of peace.
That’s the legend…Today Rustichella d’Abruzzo celebrates Easter with its own exclusive and elegant version of the colomba (typical Italian Easter cake): Gioiello (jewel in italian) made with a soft Ofella dough without candied fruits and the sugar and almond crumbs on top. Instead, it has a cover of the finest white chocolate. The elegant decorative silky foulard and the jewel pin give an exclusive and unique look to this confectionery speciality by Rustichella d’Abruzzo. The colomba Gioiello is an exclusive proposal to taste in family and is perfect for an original Easter gift. Available in pink, yellow and light blue package.Typical Easter confectionery speciality, symbol of peace and purity, the colomba is a naturally leavened cake, enriched with candied fruits and a crispy coating of glaze and almonds. Originally from Northern Italy, well-known and loved throughout all Italy, the colomba is the delicious dessert that ends an Easter lunch with family, soft and perfumed from the very first taste. Made with a soft “Pasta Madre” (sourdough) obtained through a controlled artisan production process, in order to have its natural leavening, Rustichella d’Abruzzo colomba is presented with a pink, yellow or light blue flower-themed package, warm-looking and appealing, with really unique fragrance, lightness and taste.INFO

Casa Rustichella

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