Two native wines born on the sandy dunes overlooking sunny, pristine beaches.

The Costadune line is named after the characteristic hills of the town of Menfi: winding sand dunes, shifted by the wind and dotted with sea lilies and cacti, slope gently to the sea.


Grillo Costadune Sicilia DOC 2017
A native white wine that comes from the vineyards that overlook the sunny beaches of south/southwestern Sicily. It is a wine with a Mediterranean soul; the intense mineral notes are born from the medium-weight, calcareous soils that lay between 80 and 200 m above sea level.
The ageing process is three months in stainless steel tanks followed by three months in bottle. The result is a very fresh and mineral wine, with strong hints of citrus, medlar and basil. In the mouth it is intense, sapid and fruity.





Nero d’Avola Costadune Sicilia DOC 2017
This is the Sicilian grape variety, par excellence. The wine is an intense red colour with violet reflections and carries wonderful aromas of dark fruits and red mulberries. Born from vines planted on the sunny coast and refreshed by brackish sea breezes, it is an intense, fresh and soft wine that releases aromas of plum and dark fruits into the mouth.
The ageing process is three months in controlled temperature (10°C) stainless steel tanks for three months, and followed by another three months in bottle.
It is best paired with cured meats, aged cheeses, roast meats and battered vegetables.

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