Milan: At Sforza Castle, Vivaldi meets Piazzolla

Summer in the City ?
New York Central Park offers Shakespeare in the Park,
London Hyde Park rocks with
Justin Bieber and
Phil Collins performances.
What about Milan?
The city gets an amazing location, the beautiful Park where the Sforza Castle stills reigns as it did for centuries .
Every night in the Cortile delle Armi the stage vibrates of music and emotions.
Last night the program hosted a quite surprising mix of different musics,
Last night
Vivaldi met Piazzolla
Two centuries, two continents and more than ten thousand kilometers are the physical and temporal distances separating the two artists: Vivaldi and Astor Piazzolla in dialogue with their respective “Four Seasons”. From the brilliant and balanced Venetian baroque to Piazzolla’s tormented Las cuatro estaciones porteñas
The unprecedented combo started from the famous Vivaldi’ Spring  followed by Piazzolla Fall, then interacting with all the other seasons by both the musicians.
A great night, Thanks to the magic violin of Francesco
Manara from Teatro alla Scala and the
Milano Chamber Orchestra directed by Lorenzo Passerini
Tonight a new show:  From Summertime to Roman holidays, a compilation of the best original songs from iconic movies. and more…. such as Jobim’s Desafinado, Callin you from Bagdad cafè, Streisand’s The way we were , Over the rainbow, and much more
all performed by Quartet Archimia.

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