‘mi fà gola’, an italian slang that may translate in english as watering mouth or hungry hungry or, even better, greedy greedy …But I ll go for YUMMY YUMMY.

For the second year, Parma hosted the yummy Gola Gola Festival, a three non-stop days of food, drinks, show cooking, laboratories, tasting, street food, culinary events, summons, music and … did I mentioned FOOD ?












Why Parma?
Because Parma proudly boasts the qualification of Creative city of Gastronomy designated by Unesco and enters officially into the network of the food and gastronomic culture of Unesco creative cities, in a triumph of tortelli, anolini, stuffed pastas, parmesan cheese, Parma ham and more. A role conquered in centuries and confirmed every day by the factories of the gluttons’ valley to guarantee certified products of high quality.

Then you got the Parma People…Corteous, kind, enthusiastic, happy and productive. You ‘ll feel welcome in this City, your appetite will be satisfied, your stomach will be very happy…and you will enjoy three unforgettable days in one of the most beautiful city of the world, rich of art, culture, history and the undoubtably expertise to throwing amazing parties…
On Friday night, the sumptuous summer residence of Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, located in the Parco Ducale, hosted a superb Gala Dinner , where all the sponsors introduced their specialties. On Saturday, starred Chefs from all over the word meet here, changeling tradition with innovation and cooking for the Unesco Dinner, right in front of the Teatro Regio, considered one of the most prestigious venues for opera in Italy .The succulent menu was created by Chefs coming from Bélem (Brasil), Bergen (Norway), Chengdu (China), Dénia (Spain), Gaziantep (Turky), Östersund (Sweden), Tucson (Arizona) and, of course, Parma (Italy) serving the traditional anolini in brodo , exquisite starter of pasta stuffed with meat and parmesan cheese, floating in a rich steaming broth.

Useless to say that I found novelties, ideas and surprises all over the City.

Chef Andrea Ruisi, for example made an upside down version of the parmesan stuffed anolini in broth, actually using the broth as a filler and the parmesan a soft foam, a sort of the chinese xiao ling bao dumpling, in a Parma version.


In the beautiful University Garden, the worldknown cooking school ALMA ,
hosted Alma Caseus ,
a cheese contest based on taste, presentation











In the colorful Piazza Ghiaia, the Riserva di Biosfera Unesco d’Appennino tosco-emiliano,  presented the Taglere Unesco a wooden palette introducing the local products such as ham, farro, cheese and my favorite,
the amazing
Torta di Erbi,
made with fresh greens.,








Not to mention the brilliant idea by Mutti peeled tomatoes, who served a tomato risotto in their Mutti can.






Finally the not to be missed the historical pesto di cavallo  a traditional  raw minced horsemeat dish dated 1881, when Mr. Orlandelli opened the first butcher’s shop in the Oltretorrente, where is still visible on the front door a sculpture of a horse head. I tried at the 1800 Trattoria Corrieri, I loved it!


Want to know more?
Well ….make a note on your 2018 June calendar and check for the 3rd edition of the yummiest Food festival on earth!
                                                                 Parma is waiting for you…


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