When real Truffle meets fake Tuna…a delicious surprise.

At the last Milano TuttoFood, I met with Carlo Bolli, active producer of Palaghiaccio historic farm dated back more than one thousand years ago on the most rich soils of the Mugello valley,






I tried a real excellence of Tuscany, called Grand Mugello Ubaldino, a straw-colored cheese compact, derived from simple ingredients: raw cow’s milk, cultures, rennet, salt. then the rich and creamy Gran Tartufo Toscano, regarded as an authentic art in Tuscany, It is aged in the “Ubaldini Grottos” located beneath the medieval Palagiaccio dating back around the 1200’s.





Finally a big surprise, the Tonno di Firenze. (Firenze’s tuna). It is produced by baking white pieces of beef in white wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and flavors. It has light hazel color, tastes and tones of light and delicate tuna




.The beef is called tune because it’s smooth, tender and easy to cut as a piece of tuna.









From June 25th -27th , the Palaghiaccio products will be at the 2017 New York Fancy Food Show, booth 2609 Italia – Toscana.
You can check more of their products at www.palagiaccio.us/
Enjoy the video at www.palagiaccio.com/swf/presentazione.swf?width=792&height=494

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