Hidden Venice. Giuliana and Giovanna hidden shops.

Are you a one-of-a-kind hats and shoes lover?  Are you planning to go to Venice, Italy? Check Giuliana Longo‘s little store in S. Marco, Calle del Lovo 4813, Venice.  This shop is the dream hat-cupboard of any true sartorialist, with styles that range from handmade Montecristi panama to modern foldable hot-pink that is perfect for a demanding, chic traveler. The biggest request of all?  The bareteri, a wide-brimmed gondolier’s hat best worn with a rakish tilt, ideal when traveling to sunny places. Giuliana is there most days, polishing leather aviator hats or affixing bands and flowers to her latest creations. www.giulianalongo.com

Are you a shoemaniac?  Get ready for some amazing stuff! Discover the unique hand-made creations  shoes by Giovanna Zanella who sells her designs in a rainbow-hued shop near the Rialto. Her handmade creations range from dazzling to outrageous.  It takes a certain panache (and generous credit limit) to wear what looks like a pair of exploding fireworks or a cobra on your feet. Her not so easy to find bottega is located at 5641 Castello.  www.giulianazanella.it

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