The fabulous harmonies of the Marinetti Sisters

imageLe Sorelle Marinetti is the name of an Italian swing singer trio starring Nicola Olivieri, Andrea Allione and Marco Lugli, three males singers in travesti.The Marinettis grounded their repertoire on the hits of another singing trio, the Lescano, three sisters singing in the close harmony style of the Andrews Sisters, who rised to great popularity, After roaming Europe, they arrived in the 1930s in Turin, which was the heart of the Italian radio world, where they were discovered by a local talent scout. In no time, they sold 100,000 records and even Mussolini – Il Duce – was among their fans.
The new show is called La Famiglia Canterina created by Giorgio Bozzo,o featuring the guest singers Valentina Gullace, Jacopo Bruno and the band with Christian Schmitz piano, Adalberto Ferrari clarinet, and Francesco Giorgi, violin.With charm and catching notes the Marinettis dust some of the Lescano’s hits out such as “Ma le gambe”, “Tulipan, “Maramao”, “Pinguino innamorato”
Let me tell you, tthose girls rock! Actually those girls…swing!
April 7-10 at Teatro Gioiello, Turin


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