gmo-protestorsSlow Food says : “It’s a matter of democracy
as well as ensuring food sovereignty”
December 16, the European Parliament supported in great majority the objection proposed by the European Parliament’s environment committee to the decision of the European Commission to authorize the new GM maize variety NK603xT25. This is not a binding decision but it underlines a strong political act. In fact, Slow Food condemns the European Commission not only for the authorization of the two new GMO crops*, but also because it has disregarded the on-going objection process of the European Parliament, the institution which is directly elected by the European citizens and which expresses the points of views of the European people. gm-pic
The fact that the delegates of the Member States in the European Commission have overlooked the worries and concerns of European citizens is something that should not happen in an institution that claims to be the guiding voice of democracy

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