MAGIC IN THE BOTTLE The amazing work of Eric Maillet revealing an undiscovered side of plastic bottles.

Photographer Eric Maillet author of superb images for legendary perfumes such as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Ives Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Hermes, not to mention the jewelry and the watches by Cartier. A genius…with a quite unique passion: plastic bottles!
Let me explain.
Spazio Eventi of the Pirelli Tower is hosting the amazing exhibit Water is Life,
that includes 25 artworks by Maillet. ATT00001
The Artist uses a common water bottle to create an abstract, unexpected, colored, and different image. IMG_8310Those sequence of circles, let your imagination fly towards cathedral mosaics, glass windows, extraterrestrial flowers, kaleidoscopical trompe l’œil and imaginary new planets.IMG_8308
I met with Maillet last night and I could not not ask about the story of those surreal creatures that were hypnotising the viewers.
With an adorable smile, Maillet revealed the secret. “They are just multi colored water bottles, I love to discover, collect, and fill them up with water, then I shoot from the top”

Eric Maillet

Eric Maillet

The exhibit Water is Life  is produced by Mario Rescio and André Werther, and curated by Lele Del Fabbro in collaboration with Regione Lombardia.IMG_8302        Till 18 January 2016 at Spazio Eventi of the Pirelli Tower in Milan.
Entrance Via Fabio Filzi 22. Monday to friday from 1.00 pm to 7.00 pm



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