VOILA’ MILAN GOURMANDE! Milano Golosa Oct 3th-5th 2015

Milano Golosa opened today and it will indulge your palate till Monday Oct 5th
Yesterday, the annual food bonanza had several delicious preview events.
I picked up the chic APERITIVO  at Dilmos, furniture store, that marked an unusual encounter between design and culinary.IMG_7546
Seven producers were offering their 7 treasures. IMG_7572 copy
Here they are:
testa in cassetta from Salumeria Giacobbe,IMG_7534

castelmagno d’alpeggio cheese Terre di Castelmagno, IMG_7558 copycaciocavallo lucano cheese Latteria Salvia Maria, IMG_7519

Cerignola olives by Agricola Fratepietro, IMG_7570 copy

home made bread by Matera Pane&Pace, IMG_7528IMG_7557 copy









To drink prosecco Docg di Valdobbiadene Bisol IMG_7552









and …the best of the best the amazing onion and saffron pre-desserts dolcetti by Opera Waiting,IMG_7562

I ended the evening at the close by I Salentini restaurant.
To my taste, some dishes were excellent, some less appealing.
I started with a very salty capocollo,  a nice palette of Salento oil&vinegar marinated vegetables (loooved the artichokes and the sun dried tomatoes) IMG_7595 copyfollowed by a disappointingly overcooked pasta (the super nice owner Antonio suspected a probable kitchen faux pas ).
The hit of the night? Great paparine, spontaneous green growing in the olive trees territory, stirred the traditional way, with celline, minuscule black olives, chilly, garlic and Salento olive oil.IMG_7597 copyFinally a rich and delicious pasticciotto, a typical cake from Lecce and its surrounding areas, made with a sweet crust and pastry cream pasticciottoand a great white wine Moscato Salento Estella.IMG_7593 copy Now…curious about paparine?
Experiment your italian and check at 0’45”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnQnR8HHkuo and how how to cook them at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPAFQvPx-6Y
For more info and a visit ( this year or maybe in 2016) check

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