Poland: discovering the “bar mleczny” (if any left…)

For a snack or just a quick meal venture yourself into one of the bars mleczny (also called milk bar). Here, in addition to excellent homemade food, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the past comunist era. Upon entering you will find yourself queuing between students, older guys and tourists.The menu is written on the board and it ‘s all  in polish, so when is your turn to order, you may need a little of imagination. Food is good and prices are unbelievably cheap. I found this non-touristy Południowy (11 Rynek Podgórski  Street) where the locals go. I had the classic zurek soup (rye, potatoes, sausage, egg and laurel and a great bigos (meat and cabbage)  All for 12 zlotzy ( less than 4 dollars). This place closes at 5pm. Get there early because best dishes are quickly sold out.

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