Milan, the brunch gets “royal”

Talking of an hidden gem…
Every Sunday Giacomo Caffè hosts an exclusive brunch called Colazione Mediterranea, boasting two rich buffets of appetizers and desserts and a menu inspired to the traditional Italian cuisine. The seated meal offers three choices of entrees, salads and a variety of egg dishes.I tried the uova affogate in cocotte con caprino e salsa tartufata (eggs with truffle sauce and caprino cheese), it was delicious! The price is from 25 to 35 Euro including coffe and a glass of prosecco wine. This prestigious venue is located in the heart of the center of Milan, at the magnificent Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) Museum, whose great exhibits are worth a visit. At the first floor You will find a library room with a great selection of art books. You can say that gastronomy meets art at Giacomo Caffè piazza Duomo 12, (Ph) 02 89096698.

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