The Swan Lake at La Scala. A classical tribute to the genius of Petipa and Ivanov

cxhLxMilan, Teatro alla Scala.
Last night I indulged in a dream.
The Scala Ballet Company was performing
a very classical Swan Lake,
as a tribute to the genius of Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov,
the original creators of the choreography of this masterpiece.

Marius Petipa

Petipa is considered the father of 19th-century Russian ballet.
His thoughts on all aspects of ballet – the dance technique and style, the music,
the structure, even the props used – became prevailing practices.


Lev Ivanov

For some Lev Ivanov is Petipa’s dependable assistant.
For others he is ballet’s unjustly ignored unsung genius, who transformed Swan Lake
into a very different ballet.

Director Alexei Ratmansky created a new version respectful of Petipa style and intentions. Nicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko e il corpo di ballo ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala .The Scala Orchestra, directed by Michail Jurowski, started
with some hesitations
then was able to carry the passion and the drama on the stage to a great finale. Nicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla ScalaNicoletta Manni in the principal roles of Odette/Odile showed an amazing amount of grace, power and technicality. (I was carefully counting the nearly perfect Odile’ s32 fouettés in Act 3) Timofej Andrijashenko as the Prince Siegfried, colored his role with athletic moves and an amazing dramatic interpretation. amy1dBravo to the female Ensemble that, in a challenging tour de force, spanned from being joyous courtesan to swans, to character figures from all over Europe, back to swans. The Spanish dance was a winner, thanks to the flamboyant Riccardo Massimi and Massimo Garon while Christian Fagetti as Benno performed a passionate pas de trois. Applause to the iconic Litte Swan, beautifully featured by Daniela Cavalleri, LusyMay Di Stefano ,Christelle Cennerelli, Agnese Di ClementeThe Ensemble Photo Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala I wasn’t so impressed by the Jerome Kaplan costumes.
In my opinion, the pastel palette worked great on the courtesans in the Act I, but I didn’t like the long-than-usual feathered tutus of the Swans, as well the ‘Cirque du Soleil-meets-Disneyland’ Hungarian look neither the Botticelli/Art Nouveau/Renaissance dresses of the ‘marry-me’ Ladies who kept fanatically fanning with their golden fans.Nicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko e il corpo di ballo ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla ScalaSwan Lake will perform till July 15th
The roles of Odette/Odile and Siegfried will be played by
Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko,
Vittoria Valerio and Claudio Coviello,
Martina Arduino and Nicola Del FreoNicoletta Manni Timofej Andrijashenko ph Brescia e Amisano Teatro alla Scala All photos by Brescia e Amisano-Teatro alla Scala
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A swan lake…like you never saw before

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.51.04Put together the “Swan Song ” a vaudeville by Chekhov about an old actor in a
theatre after the lights go out, the eternal music of Tchaikovsky,
the genially irreverent choreography and direction by Fabrizio Monteverde
and a bunch of older, aching, curved dancers who want to live one more time the tragic love story
of Prince Siegfried and Odette/Odile. 14568The result is an amazing new version of one of the most celebrated ballet in the history The Swan Lake,
this time retitled Il Lago dei Cigni ovvero il Canto.Lago-dei-Cigni-02-1030x686 A contemporary ballet that ancient dancers remember and recreate with enormous love and pain.
From an amazing opening with all the dancers/swans lied down on ground covered with colored
cloths of the scene, while only their raised arms are moving as swan necks to the Odette’s
solo, first pure purity and then more and more disjointed and bloodless revealing physical stress and despair to an intense finale where topless Odette frees her body and her beauty to revive the lost youth.anteprima_20150119010513-1030x688Soloists  Roberta De Simone, Claudia Vecchi, Luca Pannacci and Siro Guglielmi, among all the artists of the Balletto di Roma certainly know how give to the audience some emotional, intense, unforgettable moments.
At Teatro Carcano till April 30thLago-dei-Cigni-03-1030x579