By Cesare Zucca
History, Mithology, Art, Culture, Beauty and TASTE !!!
That is what the amazing Italian Oils will bring to your table.
The world has over 1,600 olive cultivars: Italy, on its own, has 600 of them.
The historic and cultural roots of Italian taste are appreciated around the globe, and are enriched with meaning and value through our products.
Here a selection of my preferred oils featured in 2023 TASTE , Florence.


Orgolio is an extra virgin olive oil produced by the La Poderina farm in Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, which comes from the beauty of a unique land and from the obsessive search for quality. The Frantoio variety gives an intense green color with faint yellow notes, medium-strong intensity, elegance and broad vegetal tones that refer to thistle and artichoke on an almond base; the Moraiolo, rustic and imposing, makes the oil intensely fruity, decidedly bitter and spicy with hints of leaves and fine woody notes, the Leccino gives the aroma of ripe olives and vegetable aromas, and a slight bitter and spicy sensation.
Orgolio della Poderina is a product of the highest quality, elegant, with a marked scent of freshly mown grass and a strong character like its balanced spicy and bitter aroma.
The result is an extra virgin olive oil naturally rich in polyphenols that give a magnificent aroma to any pairing, from freshly picked garden salads to the highest gastronomy dishes.


This “Oro verde “oil was born in a corner of Puglia (Apulia) where scents and flavors cloak the landscape dotted with monumental olive trees with atmosphere. The Apulian oil is as intense as the ancient peasant culture that the Frantoio D’Orazio has always preserved and exalted, to give every palate taste and beauty, with every taste. The Ravello boasts shades of blue and green that follow each other without interruption, like the rows of centuries-old olive trees on the rolling hills of Puglia, between small lakes and sinkholes of karst origin. All of Frantoio D’Orazio’s love for his land is revived in this bottle. Love that is also reflected in the processing of extra virgin olive oil, which still takes place with the same care and attention as in the past.
Leaf green color tending towards golden yellow. We are dealing with a light oil, with hints of grass and leaves. On the palate it is slightly bitter and spicy, balanced, with notes of leaves and vegetables. A perfect harmony between the local olive varieties Olivastro, Cima di Mola, Leccino, Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Picholine, Simona and Nociara. Thus was born the extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio D’Orazio, with a light fruity taste, enhanced by notes of leaves and grass.
Pairings: thisi s a light and fruity oil, ideal condiment to enhance a dish without distorting or covering the flavours. We recommend it for fresh salads, vegetable purées, rice soups and savory soups, dishes based on beans, artichokes, asparagus, cooked vegetables, with white meats, bruschetta, salsa, mixed legumes, baked tomatoes, truffle sauce.


The Peranzana di Mimì extra virgin olive oil was born from the passion of Donato and Michele and their mother Giuditta who fulfilled the dream of their father Domenico also known as Mimì. Their olive grove is spread over 80 hectares where they cultivate 24,000 olive trees with dedication, which produce about 500 hectoliters of oil every year.
Peranzana di Mimì extra virgin olive oil is a medium intensity fruity oil with many vegetable and herbaceous scents on the nose, with a marked note of tomato and green apple. When I tasted, the freshness of the apple and green tomato reappeared and showed a spicy and bitter character while maintaining an elegant harmony between the two components. Ideal for pairing with raw dishes as a condiment for salads or vegetables but also for seasoning grilled meats and fish or soups. Perfect raw condiment on grilled dishes, salads or soups.

by Romano

The legend of the “Moro” (Arabic) head dates back to the 11th century, when the Mori’s invaded Sicily and became part of the population, so much so that it blended perfectly with the Sicilian population. The history of this vase will be included in the label of the bottle, also to provide the consumer with all the details of the origin of this vase which is found throughout Sicily.The project was born from the idea of creating a bottle that would represent the “Sicily” of a fine oil, through one of the most famous “symbols” of Sicily.

The bottle is made of heavy glass from a mold made by a registered drawing, on one side the drawing of the female face, on the other the drawing of the male face, it is made of dark glass or painted in white, possibly decorated in some details (the mouth, eyes, necklace, etc.), to make different versions of the bottle to the retailer.

The production areas of this oil are the slopes of Etna Vulcan., the colour is intensevely green, the smell is medium fruity with hints of grass just cutted, I found notes of bitter and spicy with after taste of tomato flavor. Great to consume: raw, special with Mediterranean dishes




The Pujje company was born in the heart of the Murgia Tarantina from the idea of ​​three young people in love with their land – an agronomist, a manager and a communication professional. Pujje Evo Oil has a heart. The heart of those who imagined it and then created it. Its flavor is an ode to the hand-made olive harvest, among the majestic olive trees born and raised in our land and pampered by its enveloping wind, a handcrafted cold-pressed  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its perfume reveals the genuineness of the raw materials used, evokes the notes of a past time, rediscovering the values ​​of authenticity and tradition.
Pujje Oil is a container of mithology and values: Amphitrite, a beautiful sea nymph who, not wanting to marry, sought protection from Poseidon from Atlas. A dolphin, sent by the God of the Sea, found her and convinced her to marry him.This oil was born on the coasts bathed by the Ionian Sea, it is light fruity with notes of freshly mown green grass, which marries simpler and seafood dishes, enhancing them all; Rea, Goddess of earth, nature and abundance.  Perfect  for meat dishes,  medium fruity,  with notes of tomato leaves and aromatic herbs, with a prevalence of almond, which gives its best with equally robust and earthy dishes, Finally Helios, God of the solar star, every morning, driving the golden chariot of the Sun crossing the sky from the east and in the evening it plunged into the west. Perfect for vegetable, fruit and sweet dishes. Helios which, with a single olive full of taste and a vegetable scent, evokes a slight hint of leaves and fresh fruit. A the medium fruity taste which goes perfectly with vegetable recipes, sweets and artisan desserts.




Frantoio Muraglia was founded in Andria, the oil capital of Apulia, five generations ago, but family’s patriarch has lived through 460 springs. It is a majestic coratina olive tree.
Rainbow is a true style icon. The ceramic jar, handmade by craftsmen, colours the table, warms up the kitchen and preserves all the scents and flavour of extra virgin olive oil.
The quality of the extra virgin olive oil combined with the design of original ceramic jars handmade by Apulian craftsmen will leave your friends and family with a delicious and special memory.


Monocultivar Coratina olive, intense green with golden hues. Aromas of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper and hay. It leaves a tasty spicy flavour.nThis extra virgin oil enhances ancient dishes and modern palates. The taste is a journey of vegetable tones, structured, powerful, rich. A journey that remains in your memories, persistent.Perfect for crudités, salads and legume soups.

Rainbow is a true style icon. The ceramic jar, handmade by our craftsmen, colours the table, warms up the kitchen and preserves all the scents and flavour of our extra virgin olive oil.nSavino JR’s creative flair has led to the hand-painted terracotta jars that identify our company and our products. Colourful, stylish, 100% made in Italy and handmade Ceramic plates hand-painted by our Apulian ceramists with a rainbow pattern echoing that of designer jars. Format: 20 cm – 25 cm – 30 cm


Olitalia is managed by the family of founder Giuseppe Cremonini: children Angelo, Elisabetta and Camillo. For over 50 years, this family-owned company name stands for excellence, quality and tradition in Italian cuisine around the world. Today we are one of the most trusted brands in the food and condiments sector: thanks to our total devotion to our roots, while at the same time moving forward on the path of excellence with a healthy ambition to achieve future results.
Olitalia selecta olives in the most careful and rigorous way: a solid guarantee of constant quality, ensured year after year by maintaining the same standards of quality and quantity in cultivation.
The “Dedicati” collection represents a careful selection of raw materials and the naturalness of a development process involving the best chefs ensure the high quality of these products, which were designed and intended to amaze.
Dedicati For Meat
This oil has great character, it is rich in fragrances and vegetable notes. It is important that the oil chosen is aromatic and can enhance the taste of any type of meat.
Dedicati for Vegetables
This oil has strong herbaceous notes: such feature can enhance the taste of vegetables at best and match perfectly diverse and quite sharp tastes.
Dedicati for Fish
This is a delicate oil with a harmonious profile and notes of apple and fresh almond. For a perfect match with fish, it is important that the oil does not cover the taste of ingredients, but matches and enhances it.


What a great selection and variety of different virgin olive oils!
But.. wait a minute, here comes a sunflower seed rosemary scented frying oil..
Yes from same Olitalia producers, here comes

FRIENN Frittura Italiana

FRIENN is the frying oil with an innovative recipe, without palm oil, which allows you to obtain professional quality, crispy and dry fried food. It is obtained from high oleic sunflower seeds grown and processed exclusively in Italy. Its composition, protected by an Italian patent, gives the product unique properties. The combination of sunflower oil with a high oleic acid content and antioxidants guarantees high stability at high temperatures, avoiding the unpleasant onset of bad smells. FRIENN frying oil respects the original flavor of the ingredients, without transferring color and flavor to the food. Perfect for frying savory and sweet foods, both in a pan and in the fryer.
I tried, I loved it! Please take a note of it!

Florence : Me at 2023 Test!! A really amazing food bonanza!