TEXT AND PHOTOS BY CESARE ZUCCA In 1795, Mastro Tommasso di Filippo Muzzi opened small pastry shop in the heart of Foligno, a town in central Umbria. Today, Muzzi continues to make the highest quality Italian pastries, cookies, and cakes. While in Milan for the entire Christmas period a real “Panettone festival” will be organized which will see the specialties of the prestigious Giovanni Cova & C. pastry shop at the extraordinary Eataly Smeraldo Store. In New York, Boston and Chicago, in synergy with Eataly, Tommaso Muzzi’s Panettone will be told in its essence, as we know it in Italy. The rigor and complexity of production will be transferred, making it one of the most prestigious national gastronomic symbols. he collaborative project between Eataly, the Farinetti family company and Borsari family Confectionery Company of the Muzzi family, owners of the “Tommaso Muzzi” brand, will take the form of setting up real single-brand temporary stores, in which they will be protagonists classic panettone and pandoro, coated and stuffed specialties that will find narrative opportunities and sumptuous exposure. Connoisseurs can, in a guided way, taste the products and understand the substantial characteristics and differences with respect to any other dessert. Emphasis therefore on the mother of natural yeast, sensory analysis, occasions and ways of consumption, to establish a path of knowledge and culture with the consumer.
 “We are in perfect agreement with the Eataly philosophy based on the celebration of Made in Italy excellence – states Andrea Muzzi Ceo of the Group – we also share the values ​​and the will to bring Italy where no one has gone so far so determined. The conquest of the international tables is above all a cultural issue and those who become standard-bearer are also guarantors of an entire system or supply chain. The Italian tradition must be defended and protected, therefore teamwork is not only a necessity but I would say, an imperative “.
The historic pastry shop Giovanni Cova & C., also distributed in the US with label Brera Milano 1930,  from Mid.November till January 2020  will host a great sale of its products at NY Eataly, including a sumptuous exhibition the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Combining excellence and art, all the celebrations of the Leonardo 500 Line will be on display and on sale. La Gioconda will wrap the Classic Panettone, awarded with the Three Star Superior Taste Award and the Annunciation, the extraordinary GranCioccolato Panettone.

The Lat Supper will be an elegant Panettone livery with drops of white chocolate, raspberry and pistachio, while to embellish the Panettone with curcuma and ginger there will be the fascinating reproduction of the work La Dama with Ermellino; The Virgin of the Rocks will be the protagonist with the Panettone stuffed with cream of “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte DOP” and Sant’Anna, the Virgin and the baby with the lamb will be the copy that will adorn, finally, the Panettone Pere e Cioccolato.

To complete the assortment, but no less important, will be the presence of all the iconic products of the prestigious Milanese pastry brand. A grand take on the traditional Italian Christmas cake, this classic basso panettone is made with natural yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise, then filled with a generous helping of candied fruit and raisins. Excellent on its own, panettone pairs well with fresh berries, whipped cream, and dark chocolate. Enjoy with a cup of coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up, or serve as after-dinner dessert with a glass of wine.INFO
Brera Milano 1930
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