Milan Fashion Week. The shortest interview: ROSSELLA JARDINI

dsc00247Milan Fashion Week September 2016 Women Collections
Location: the splendid Hotel De Milan, Via Manzoni
-The inspiration?
I’ d say the influence: The legendary 80′ fashion designer Giorgio Sant’Angelo, who was able to create romantic clothing that reflected the hippie culture of the era.
-Your collection is…
Chic, feminine, fun..and great model casting!
You love…
Turbans, cant’ you tell?
-Final statement?
I like to create clothes that I would enjoy wearing.
-May I have a selfie with you?
Sure, my old friend!rossella-jardinixwgsl zadhb uenmu n2f7k mw19r jymvg j0zle iyvyh ie9eb 9hkt4 8cznp 7maps 6dmdl

Milan Fashion Week 2016 THE BEST AND THE WORST

Best location: MALIPARMI Chiostro del 1400 Via Cappuccio7
Worst fashion victims: Lui quadretta e Lei si butta sul pois. 6Best bouncer: da PIAZZA SEMPIONE, quasi un Matt Dillon 18 anni.9Worst look for men: Pantaloni corti e rigati, ma per favore…10

Best Hairdo: at Rossella JardinibellaWorst Donna Summer impersonation:a guest at Rosella Jardini 2Best Jungle location: PIAZZA PIEMONTE Collection8Worst man suit: No more mustard pleeeease4Best look in the street : A Shade inspired Madame 5Best backpack ever : Rossella Jardini Collection 3